Environmental Impact Services

Customer feedback

Environmental Impact Services

Customer feedback

Epiphany Malt is a small-batch malt house in Durham, North Carolina that connects regional farmers with brewers to create a sense of place in their beers. Their plant produces 510 metric tons of malt each year. 

We supported Epiphany on:

  • Quantifying product CO₂e footprints of barley production, barley logistics, malting, and distribution logistics
  • Providing a breakdown of the barley agriculture emissions
  • Estimating water and land use of raw materials
  • Offering an overview & know-how to accompany Epiphany in its pathway to CO₂e neutrality & support in purchasing of carbon-credits 


"The assessments performed by the Bühler team gave us a comprehensive overview of our impact and the main leverages to reduce it, both within our operations and by engaging with our value chain. The partnership with Bühler is and will be essential to support us in achieving our sustainability targets."


Sebastian Wolfrum
Founder of Epiphany Malt

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Aeschlimann is a Swiss mill that has been family-run for the last 130 years. They put a big emphasis on local sourcing and sustainability, e.g. through procurring 100% of their raw grains in Switzerland only, or sourcing their energy from solely hydropower.

We supported Aeschlimann on:

  • Quantifying Scope 1 & 2 emissions of wheat flour production
  • Identifiying carbon hotspots to enable informed decision making on future investments and measures
  • Transferring knowledge on CO₂e accounting to enable effective communication of their sustainability efforts

"We wanted to understand where our miling production stands in terms of environmental impacts, and the Bühler team helped us do exactly that. Additionally, they were able to present the results to the whole company, giving everyone the understanding of this important topic. With the results, we can now communicate our sustainability efforts in a quantitative way to our stakeholders, and track future reduction measures credibly."


Peter Aeschlimann
CEO of Aeschlimann Mühle AG

The Swiss Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, founded in 1939, develops and builds aircraft that are unique worldwide: from the legendary PC-12, the best-selling single-engine turboprop aircraft in its class, to the PC-7 MKX and PC-21 and the associated simulators, the market-leading training systems for pilot training.

We supported Pilatus Aircraft Ltd to:

  • Quantify their company Scope 1 & 2 emissions, including transfer of the knowledge & capabilities to enable Pilatus to quantify their own emissions
  • Quantify their company Scope 3 emissions (currently in progress), including a supply chain questionnaire to increase the amount of primary data in their quantification
  • Supported the development of their sustainability strategy (ongoing)

"With the support of Bühler Group, we are working on calculating our GHG emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3 in order to be able to set reduction targets. At Pilatus we have pledged to take sustainability seriously and aim to become best-in-class."


Dr. Urs Thomann
Director of Technologies, Processes, Sustainability

MOA was founded in 2020. “We combine biotechnology and artificial intelligence to transform waste and by-products of the agri-food industry into a '' next generation protein '' with high nutritional value and 100% sustainable”.

We supported MOA Foodtech by:

  • Quantifying the product CO₂e footprint of MOA from raw material productions, logistics, until manufacturing
  • Providing a breakdown of the biomass production process for individual comparison of processing steps and hotspot identification
  • Comparison of CO₂e footprint to other protein sources

"The CO₂e of our product carried out by the Bühler team provided us with a fact-based tool to understand our impact. We were able to identify key reduction levers in our processes. The results will be essential to our decision-making process and our goals to further reduce the impact of our products."


Kizkitza Castander Illarramendi
R&D Food MOA foodtech

Selectum is a snack manufacturer in Austria, producing mainly cream-filled wafer snacks. On top of improving the nutritional quality (3 times more protein and fibre, 40% less fat compared to e.g. chips), they are focused on environmentally friendly production using Bühler’s inductive baking oven EWB-IND, eliminating fossil fuels in the baking process.

We supported Selectum by:

  • Quantifying Scope 1 & 2 emissions of Paddies Snack production, to verify their production as zero emission
  • Coordinating a third-party certification to enable a zero-emission manufacturing claim
  • Transferring knowledge on CO₂e accounting to enable effective communication of their sustainability efforts

"The assessment and ongoing certification of our Scope 1 and 2 emissions performed by the Bühler team enable us to communicate our sustainability achievements credibly and effectively to our customers and to the final consumers, who show an increasing demand for transparent and sustainable snacks. This way, our customers who put their trust in us, such as the Biogena Group from Austria, for who we produce immune boosting snacks, can benefit from our sustainable production as well."


Camilo Wolff
Founder of Selectum GmbH

Desta‘s idea of sustainable coffee goes back to the question of how to enhance the position of farmers in Ethiopia. Coffee export generates 35% of the Ethiopian GDP, and with working directly with the manufacturers through agroforrestry practices, Desta enables them to work with stable raw material prices and sustainable practices at the same time.


We supported Desta‘s Coffee by:

  • Quantifying the product CO₂e footprint of the cradle-to-gate lifecycle, from cultivation of the coffee in Ethiopia, to the transport to the customer
  • Providing a breakdown of emissions and comparison between different cultivation practices
  • Quantifying Agricultural Land Occupation of Desta’s coffee as well as the Water Consumption Potential
  • Comparison of CO₂e footprint and land use to conventional coffee cultivation and processing practices

"We put a lot of effort into a more sustainable production, and we want to prove it! The environmental quantification from Bühler allows us to showcase our sustainability benefits in a transparent, science-based way to our customers and stakeholders. It also gives us a great overview of where we have further potential for optimization in order to make our production even more sustainable"


Desta Daniel Kebede
Founder Desta‘s Coffee

Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe grow their businesses by accelerating 610 startups across multiple industries that have raised more than $985M in funding.


We worked with Mass Challenge Switzerland:

  • Developed the carbon calculator for start-ups in the 2023 cohort to estimate their environmental footprint (Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions) at scale, enabling start-ups to understand their footprint, make early strategic decisions and communicate the sustainability benefit of their solutions
  • The calculator also enables start-ups to estimate the footprint of circular materials, such as recycled or upcycled waste streams, and estimate their avoided or sequestered emissions vs. alternative products or processes
  • The results derived from the calculator will be used in the judging of the Louis Dreyfus Company Climate resilience Prize

"The carbon calculator helps startups make better decisions earlier to reduce their carbon footprint. Simply put, they will save significant time and money.  Additionally, they will strengthen their proposition to investors."


Matt Lashmar
Managing Director MassChallenge Switzerland
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