For single machines and plants

Service Level Agreement Automation

Always there for you! For the maximum availability and transparency of your machines and systems.

For single machines and plants

Service Level Agreement Automation

Always there for you! For the maximum availability and transparency of your machines and systems.

Service Level Agreement – SLA

What is our SLA?

For maximum availability and transparency

To keep your production up and running at all times, it is essential that all systems and machines, including automation tools, operate reliably and with maximum efficiency. Due to quick response times and competent support staff, our 24/7 customer service resolves technical problems quickly. 

With the Service Level Agreement Automation and yearly maintenance, the reliability of your PC or server infrastructure will be increased. This benefit, combined with a higher transparency of your production process through Bühler Insights Replay digital service, ensures that the downtimes of your equipment are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Have a look at our modules to find the one that best meets your needs.

Key benefits

Maximum availability of your machines

Prevent system downtime by maintaining your automation infrastructure.

Less waiting, quick response times

Reach your automation expert 24/7 within 1 hour via a direct hotline.

Higher productivity and efficiency

Your full digital production history will be available to help you find and eliminate root causes.

Our modules – your choice

If your production faces an unplanned stop, every minute counts to bring it back to operation. This is why Bühler automation experts are on hand. No matter the cause of the problem – electrical, mechanical, software or operation – our experts will support you with following features:

The plant control system is the heart of your production. That means it is the key to keeping the process running and having the right output. With PC Care, Bühler automation experts analyze and diagnose the system annually to achieve the best possible performance and avoid any nasty surprises. In addition to that, security experts assume that industrial production plants will be targeted by an increasing number of viruses like WannaCry or Petya. These can cause a lot of downtime and data loss. The first step to prevent a system from being affected, is having an up-to-date antivirus software. To care for your automation system, Bühler provides different system care modules:


  • PC Care for reporting weaknesses and recommendations about the PC or server, clean up the system, install security updates and create regular backups. 
  • Up-to-date antivirus software including installation by Bühler automation engineers.
  • Information Care with tailor-made situation analysis, report with recommendations and implementation of security features.
  • Hardware replacement  (server, data storage, etc.) if needed


Upgrade your manufacturing execution system to the latest Bühler development level, benefit from improvements of the Mercury MES and avoid expensive retrofitting costs. Keep your system at the latest level of technology by choosing:

Infrastructure upgrade:

  • Update your virtual machines to Bühler's latest version
  • Upgrade of all tools such as SQL server, OPC server and Visual Studio

Mercury MES upgrade:

  • Upgrade to the latest Mercury MES version 
  • Get the latest version of all the functions available in your system

Database structure upgrade

  • Receive an automatic upgrade to the latest structure of the Mercury MES database

A media player for your production history: Bühler Insights Replay allows you to review past production data in a comfortable, visual way. With this functionality you receive powerful documentation, increased understanding and faster diagnosis of your process. By using this information, uptime can be maximized and processes optimized. Ultimately this allows for partially unmanned production by using the web application to observe the production from home or wherever you are.


Error and downtime analysis (EDA) will be available on Bühler Insights, a central platform for Bühler's digital services. There, data is collected, analyzed and transformed into valuable information about your operation. You have all the information at your fingertips and customized to your needs. Predictive services and machine learning modules will help to improve the quality and efficiency of your plants even more. 

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