Revolutionize efficiency in your plant

Hardware and Software Modernization

Revolutionize efficiency in your plant

Hardware and Software Modernization

Updating hardware and software can bring you numerous advantages, from better plant availability and increased productivity, to improved safety and risk management. It can also enable you to integrate new technologies like big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of a roadmap for the future.

With our extensive plant automation experience, we can work with you to target the most beneficial areas for modernization, while understanding the potential impact on other parts of your operation. Our implementation plans are always designed to minimize disruption and deliver new levels of OEE and ROI.


At a glance

  • Hardware modernization to simplify and improve your processes
  • Software enhancements to increase production reliability and improve safety and risk management
  • Carefully planned implementation and support to minimize plant disruption


Hardware modernization, from servers to operator stations

Hardware modernization, from server, PC, and PLC upgrades, to switch cabinets, operator stations and electrical installations can help you to end process interruptions and build in reliability. Our industry expertise and worldwide manufacturing network enables us meet all of your local standards.

Software enhancements to increase reliability and minimize downtime

Our industry-specific process engineers can help to bring best-practice software solutions to your plant, giving you better visibility and control. PC upgrades, transition to our own modular plant control system WinCos®, or a complete plant control system overhaul – we’ll manage your software modernization from start to finish.

Implementation and support designed to minimize disruption

With 5,000 installed plants worldwide covering almost every imaginable process, we are experts at transitioning customer plant with minimal disruption.

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