Differential proportioning scale Transflowtron MSDG

Differential proportioning scale Transflowtron MSDG – control and measurement with top precision.

- Maximum measuring accuracy
- Top sanitation
- Minimum maintenance
- High throughput capacity

Differential Proportioning Scale Transflowtron MSDG

Continuous processes involving freeflowing products can be controlled and measured with top accuracy using the differential proportioning scale Transflowtron MSDG. On the one hand, the Transflowtron is applied as a mass flowmeter for measuring the weight and throughput capacity of a given stream of product. On the other hand, applied as a mass flow balancer, it allows accurate material proportioning at a selectable throughput rate with registration of the total weight. Installed underneath storage, raw material, or tempering bins, this differential-weight scale ensures uniform grain blends. Its throughput capacity ranges from 16 m3/h to 105 m3/h. Intelligent technology for highly accurate measurement results.
  • With its intelligent weighing algorithms, the universal controller MEAG ensures top accuracy.
  • The three-point suspension of the weigh hopper ensures a high stability of the weighing cycle.
  • Thanks to high-quality load cells, measurement variations are minimized – a precondition for obtaining absolutely accurate results.

Best sanitation thanks to minimized dust zones.
Thanks to the use of elements of optimized geometry for all components in contact with the product, the differential proportioning scale Transflowtron MSDG hardly has any dust zones – a crucial factor for ensuring high product purity.

Low maintenance requirement thanks to rugged and carefully thought-out design.

  • The proportioning scale does not have any lubrication points, which slashes the maintenance and thus the time requirements.
  • The easy-to-exchange system components can whenever required be quickly and easily exchanged.

Maximum throughput capacity with high proportioning consistency.

  • The system components are designed on a product-specific basis. This enables top throughput capacities to be achieved in every individual application.
  • Optimized product flow control in the differential-weight scale allows maximum throughput rates with a high proportioning consistency.