Sieving Machine Turbostar MKZF

Sieving Machine Turbostar MKZF – for high sieving efficiency.

- High throughput capacity
- Minimal maintenance required
- Excellent safety standard

Sieving Machine Turbostar MKZF

Bühler's sieving machine Turbostar MKZF is used for the resifting of flour prior to bagging and bulk load-out. Additional fields of application for the sieving machine include corn milling and e.g. resifting of sugar. High throughput capacity in every application.
  • Because it offers four different screen perforations, the machine can be configured precisely according to the specific material and/or throughput requirements. This ensures optimal throughput capacity for each specific application – up to 60 t/h in the resifting of flour, and up to 40 t/h in the resifting of sugar.
  • The sieving machine Turbostar is available in two different sizes. Thus, it offers the customer excellent adaptability: It is available with a single sieve cylinder or two sieve cylinders for maximum throughput capacity.

Minimal maintenance required thanks to sturdy, practical design.

  • The complete sieve cylinder assembly is easily accessible and easy to replace: This re-duces the machine's downtimes to a minimum.
  • Thanks to the use of wear-resistant stainless screens, service intervals are longer, which reduces regular running costs.

Efficient features ensure a high level of safety.

  • A safety switch prevents the machine from being turned on when the screen is pulled out. This dependably guards against the risk of accidents as well as damages to the sieving machine Turbostar MKZF.


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