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Manufacturing execution system

Mercury MES

The Mercury MES manufacturing execution system is a full factory automation system. Integrate your plant control and processes to increase efficiency and traceability, and for a clearer look at key data.

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Key benefits

Intuitive user interface

The Mercury MES’ intuitive user interface controls all the functions and settings of your plant. Designed for fast navigation, you can quickly intervene in the production process if there’s a problem.

Increase uptime

Alarms notify you if there is something wrong. The Mercury MES’s dashboard allows you to easily identify what happened, helping to reduce downtime. Integrate our ProPlant software system to plan ahead and organize maintenance.

Improve the efficiency of your plant

The Mercury MES integrates data from ERP, quality control, maintenance and other systems in a central database. It then uses these data to automatically adjust and improve the production process.

Highlight features

Efficient factory automation

Transparency translated into efficiency

Transparency and having the right information is key to running an efficient and productive plant. With the Mercury MES you have a well-organized interface and central database, where you can compare and access all the key operational information for your plant.


Track food safety and the quality of your product

The Mercury MES constantly monitors your production process. The system saves details of every process in a centralized database, so you can quickly trace a product from intake to outtake. The reporting tools and statistics also help to reduce administration and comply with industry standards.

Simplified plant monitoring

Take smart business decisions based on integrated and up-to-date information

The Mercury MES tracks information about yield and other key parameters. Integrate the system across different production sites, so you can compare and benchmark trends across your whole business.

Mercury MES and Bühler are setting new standards for product safety and traceability.

Philipp Marquart, Head of Production, Grüninger Mühlen, Switzerland

The Mercury MES is web-based, so it works on any computer and mobile device within a secured network. Install it on your phone or tablet and check the production process while you’re working around the plant.

The Mercury MES monitors your plant’s energy consumption, so you can avoid power peaks and reduce costs. Lower energy consumption also helps to lower your plant’s CO2 footprint.

Get help 24/7 with our local automation maintenance services. Learn more about factory automation and the Mercury MES with our training courses. Ask our expert consultants how to make your plant more efficient and save up to 30 percent in energy.

The Mercury MES integrates with our many other digital and web-based products. From ProPlant maintenance planning to other services, they all help to increase productivity.

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