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Single-shaft conche

Frisse™ ELK S

The Frisse ELK S is an attractively priced, efficient, flexible conche for your chocolate mass production. Short conching cycles, an increase in energy efficiency of up to 10% and a hygienic design can all help you improve your conching productivity.

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Key benefits

Short conching cycles with cocoa butter savings

The Frisse ELK S allows adapting the energy intake during the entire conching process – from the rolled material to the fluid product. This results in shorter process times and allows you to use less cocoa butter for the same rheological properties.

Increased energy efficiency of up to 10%

The new drive system increases the energy efficiency of the Frisse ELK S by up to 10%. Removing the V-belt transmission means that less maintenance is required. This leads to reduced energy losses and increased machine availability.

Excellent hygienic design

A combination of state-of-the-art hygienic design and use of food-grade materials ensures that the Frisse ELK S meets the highest hygiene standards. Improved accessibility makes it easier for you to clean the Frisse ELK S and its surroundings.

Highlight features

Innovative design

Single-shaft conche with patented conching tools

The Frisse ELK S tools allow you to handle a wide range of chocolate products in the shortest process time possible. By using excellent aeration on the chocolate mass, you eliminate undesired flavors and achieve the desired chocolate taste.


High availability through proven reliability of elements

The combination of proven technology and the new drive system increase machine availability. Maintenance tasks and complexity have been reduced.

Food safety

Hygienic design down to the smallest detail

State-of-the-art hygienic design down to the smallest detail such as the number of bolt connections has reduced the necessary cleaning time of the machine. Improved access around and underneath the machine contributes to easy cleaning.

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