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Double-overthrow conche

Frisse™ DÜC S

The Frisse DÜC S combines the latest engineering with tried-and-tested conching technology. It allows you to adjust rheological properties and strip out unwanted volatiles for precise taste and texture – with a faster overall conching time.

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Key benefits

Improved energy efficiency with a reduced footprint

The new drive concept can save you up to 10% in energy costs. At the same, we have reduced the footprint of the machine, requiring less space on your factory floor for the same throughput.

Outstanding hygiene standards

A combination of state-of-the-art hygienic design and use of food-grade materials ensure that the Frisse DÜC S meets the highest hygiene standards.

Precise control of the rheological properties

The special kneading and shearing characteristics of the Frisse DÜC S ensure efficient texture modification from the dry/plastic product to the liquid end product.

Highlight features

The next level of conching

High-performance double-overthrow conche

The Frisse DÜC S embodies the perfect combination of state-of-the-art engineering and decades of experience in the world of chocolate making. The principle of the double-overthrow conche offers short conching times thanks to an extremely high application of shear forces.


Designed for higher machine availability

With the direct drive, service works such as belt tensioning have been eliminated. What is more, access to parts which require servicing such as product room seals has been improved. A new exchange system for the seals has been implemented, so the necessary work is executed faster. All this leads to improved machine availability which directly results in higher productivity.

Energy efficiency

A sustainable addition to your chocolate production

The direct drive conserves up to 10% of energy compared to traditional V-belt drive systems. Combined with the variable frequency drive controlled process, it ensures that the energy intake is appropriate for the chocolate mass produced.

Our new temperature control unit has been completely redesigned and the elements have been rearranged to gain better service associability. This leads to a reduced footprint, resulting in more freedom on the shop floor. Combined with the ConcheOS software, you can maintain the correct temperature during the conching process at all times.

With standard connections such as Profinet and Ethernet, you can connect the machine to your plant system. By connecting the machine to the internet, services such as remote support are possible. This means your machine is prepared for SmartFactory solutions with which you can create reports, perform remote diagnostics and monitor your process from smart mobile devices.

Using our global experience across chocolate manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you plan, implement and support new technology to improve quality, efficiency and safety for your plant.

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