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Debacterizing system


The Debac gives you supremely effective batch process steam sterilization for your cocoa beans. This exceptional system consistently reduces germ count to undetectable levels, while ensuring your product retains the first-class flavor you require.

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Key benefits

Flexible system allows for increased throughput

The modular Debac system uses small batch sizes, high temperatures and relatively high steam pressure of up to 5 bar to enable extremely quick debacterization. Your throughput can reach 4 t/h, increasing the productivity of your plant.

Consistently germ-free results

The Debac effectively removes vegetative, pathogenic microorganisms such as salmonella and thermophilic vegetative germs. Reducing the germ count to undetectable levels, it ensures your cocoa beans meet the rigorous standards of today's markets.

Flavor protection

Our innovative Debac process uses the cocoa beans' shells to protect against temperature and humidity. This ensures that the taste and moisture content of your kernels are unaffected and your product retains the flavor and color intensity required.

Highlight features

Flexible control

Easy to operate

The specifically adapted PLC control with an easy-to-use touch screen gives your operator total control. You have the choice and flexibility of using it either as a pure Debac control system or integrating it as a component within the process control system. With every step of the debacterizing process being recorded, you can be sure that your process has complete traceability.

Highly efficient

Using less energy

The Debac processes whole cocoa beans, ensuring that only the smallest surface area is treated. Treating minimal surface area leads to significant energy savings, making your production as cost-effective as possible.

Increasing yield

The puffing effect

Characterized by the expansion of cocoa shells after drying or roasting, the puffing effect gained through the Debac process easily detaches shells from cocoa nibs, providing higher yields and reducing undesirable fines.

Using our global experience across chocolate manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you plan, implement and support new technology to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of your plant.

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