Grain Components

Top-quality components and machinery for grain management.
Bühler Grain Logistics Components is dedicated to providing a broad selection of components and machinery for grain management. Competence and long-standing experience form the foundation of a modular product portfolio that is always oriented to the needs of customers. The company offers solutions in areas ranging from conveying, cleaning, drying and cooling to grading and storage.

Rugged, low-maintenance design for high operational reliability.
The emphasis on wear-resistant materials and rugged design gives Bühler machinery maximum reliability – throughout its lifetime. Easy replacement of wearing parts contributes to minimizing disruption due to maintenance and increasing operational uptime.

High dependability thanks to state-of-the-art electronics.
In developing its machinery, Bühler Grain Logistics places great importance on noise control and effective safety features. All main functions as well as product and process flow are constantly monitored by state-of-the-art electronic equipment. This guarantees a high level of dependability.

Lower energy costs means greater profitability.
Bühler Grain Logistics machinery is characterized by low specific energy consumption. The resulting low energy costs make extremely economical solutions possible throughout the entire food value-added chain.

Hygienic design and gentle technology.
Bühler Grain Logistics' dedication to excellent hygiene can be seen in a component and interface design that is optimized for purity and self-cleaning, food safe pigments and surfaces, dust-tight and stainless designs and easy access for machine cleaning. Machine residues and product carry-over are prevented – ensuring the purity of the processed material from input to output. Additionally, proven technology specially geared to each specific application guarantees that materials are handled in the most gentle manner possible.

Modular system enables flexible configuration.
Bühler Grain Logistics conveying technology, in particular, is comprised of standardized sub-assemblies. The modular system enables flexible installation and individualized configuration of the machinery. Complementing this with e.g. cleaning equipment allows the customer to achieve maximum value creation from collection to processing.

Product groups

In the following you will find all our product groups in the field of Grain Quality & Supply:


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