Redefining balanced and stable optical sorting for regional and local rice millers

03/18/2015 Bühler’s all-new YJT W optical sorter combines advanced processing software with automatic product tracking, tertiary sorting and LED illumination, with capacities of up to 12 tonnes per hour. The Bühler Group, a global leader in rice processing and optical sorting, has today strengthened its product offering for regional and local rice millers with the introduction of a new, cost-effective optical sorter - the Bühler YJT W. Engineered for a balanced and stable sort over long process runs, it provides high capacity operation and optimised accept/reject accuracy to meet a growing demand from small to medium sized rice processors in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, who require reliable sorting across varying levels of contamination.

The YJT W is an affordably-priced, advanced, high throughput optical rice sorter. Available with performance capacities of up to 12 tonnes per hour, it is intended to redefine user expectations for stability, capacity, accuracy and reliability for newly-automating companies.
Neil Dyer, Global Product Manager at Bühler says: “The YJT W is designed and built to Bühler’s renowned quality standards, to give reliability and a high capacity throughput. Its performance level and long-term stability, which was previously only seen on top-of-the-range machinery, is now making world-class optical sorting technology available across the whole rice processing industry.”

At the heart of the YJT W is a bespoke inspection system that combines custom-built cameras and LED lighting. This is capable of detecting different colour variations and spot defects, including chalky, peck, pale, yellows and foreign material. Unique to a sorter in this market segment is Automatic Product Tracking – a technology that means the sorter will maintain a balanced and stable sorting performance, despite variations in input product. Bühler's optical sorting technology and processing expertise guarantees accurate performance and reliable quality, along with cost-effective operation.
The modular design of the YJT W means it can be configured with up to seven chutes, to provide flexibility for primary, secondary and/or tertiary sorting. Each chute has 64 powerful, high-speed ejectors, ensuring effective sorting. This allows customised operations, while maintaining high throughput and accurate operations.

In seven-chute formats, the YJT W can process up to 12 tonnes of rice per hour, even adjusting for fluctuating contamination levels, as different rice varieties are sorted. Further, the easy-to-use control software can hold up to 100 predefined operating modes in its memory, enabling efficient product changeover.
Bühler has designed and built the YJT W sorter to be able to operate at peak performance over a long period of time, to deliver consistent maximum profit potential, through increased uptime. The machine designers were careful to include details such as sealed control and optical cabinets and smart dust handling, to ensure reliable operation, which will ultimately help maintain productivity, even in the most arduous of working environments.

YJT optical sorters are an integral part of the Bühler sorting portfolio, which includes the prestigious SORTEX optical sorter. By sharing product knowledge and sorting expertise across the company’s brands, Bühler ensures that all rice millers can benefit from the experience of the world’s leader in rice processing.

Bühler's YJT W optical sorter. Bühler's YJT W optical sorter.

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