Bühler Leybold Optics training and FlexCare

To provide the best in customer training and to minimize downtime

Bühler Leybold Optics offers various kinds of training schemes which can be conducted at our training center or on the customer’s own premises, always with the aim of having new staff well trained to service the machine effectively and to reduce downtime. After upgrades or retrofits a training session provides the best environment to become familiar with the new functions of the machine. Besides training we now also offer the new FlexCare contract. Under this contract Bühler Leybold Optics offers a service scheme to cover the whole range of services needed for a machine over its whole lifetime. Training schemes, as well as the FlexCare contract, can be tailored to meet customers‘ requirements. Bühler Leybold Optics’ experts in high-vacuum thin-film coating provide training to reduce downtime and to extend machine life
Meet our experts in high-vacuum thin-film technology to ensure high-quality training for your operators and maintenance crews. We offer a broad range of training and education opportunities, either locally at your own site or in Alzenau, Germany. We also offer customized and plant-specific courses on request.

FlexCare contract: A superior and efficient service that saves you money
The Bühler Leybold Optics FlexCare contract is a hourly-based contract, available in three different categories. The available categories are Bronze, Silver and Gold, each with different response times, free service hours, discounts on spare parts and site visits. Each contract can be tailored to your individual requirements.


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