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The hygienic Ceres Plus, designed with collaboration from cereal processors around the world, can reduce cleaning time in your coated cereal drying process by as much as 75%. Improved productivity, performance, and energy efficiency are all key benefits.

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Key benefits

Better use of energy

The Ceres Plus uses high-efficiency burners and direct-drive fan and drive motors. Its innovative airflow design and superior insulation also put the hot air where it does the most good, helping to reduce energy bills at the same time.

Increased production

With a cleaner drying process and a design focused on accessibility, you can spend less time cleaning the Ceres Plus and more time producing product. The Ceres Plus can reduce cleaning downtime by as much as 75%.

Food safety is the first priority

With the Ceres Plus, you can have confidence that your cereal drying process can meet the highest levels of hygiene. From our advanced construction techniques to the use of innovative materials, the Ceres Plus meets the highest food safety standards.

Highlight features

Hygienic design

Clean drying process

A stainless steel construction, an open channel design, and slab roofs and floors deliver a coated cereal drying process that boosts food safety. Hygienic materials for product contact surfaces keep the dryer clean and prevent contamination. Whether your product is flaked, puffed, or directly expanded, the Ceres Plus is designed to be the industry’s best solution for food safety.

Increase production

Less time cleaning, more time making

A bed wash system continually washes the conveyor belt during operation to reduce your cleaning downtime. This innovative system keeps the conveyor belt's perforations clear. This not only makes dryer operation cleaner and more efficient, it also helps to make cleaning easier and quicker.

Energy efficiency

Reducing energy spend

Direct-drive fan motors, high-efficiency drive motors and high-efficiency burners all contribute to the Ceres Plus’s targeted use of energy. Combined with a unique and extremely effective airflow design, the Ceres Plus provides a consistent and energy-efficient performance.

A generous infeed area provides the flexibility for a variety of dryer loading technologies. The Ceres Plus feeder device is constructed from grade 304 stainless steel. It features our proprietary AeroTek hinged product side guides with high-release properties designed to reduce product sticking.

The externally mounted combustion chamber is fully insulated to efficiently manage and reduce the outside temperature and protect your team. Recirculated air, fines, and other product residues do not pass through the burner flame. This reduces fire risk and eliminates contamination by burnt fines in the product stream. Air filters are designed for easy access and removal for washing.

The hygienic design of the Ceres Plus features hinged stainless steel panels that rotate out of the way to provide full access to the conveyor. Large exterior and interior maintenance doors provide full access to the complete process zone, making cleaning much easier. The slab floor of the Ceres Plus is pitched to the center where the drain system clears water and other cleaning fluids.

Many of the components that require regular maintenance are mounted externally for ease of access and visual inspection. This makes maintenance easier and faster, giving you more uptime for production.

The generous infeed of the Ceres Plus accommodates a wide variety of feeding devices.
The external combustion chamber of the Ceres Plus.
Hinged panels of the Ceres Plus offer full access to the process zone.

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