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Bühler Die Casting Systems combine state-of-the-art die casting machine technology with the best solutions in automation. This spectrum ranges from the simplest die casting machine to integrated, fully-automated casting cells.

Die casting machines


More about Carat

Gentle handling of the die for more efficient casting.

Carat is a two-platen die casting machine made by Bühler that is available in 13 sizes with a locking force from 10,500 to 44,000 kN. Special casting units can be adapted to their intended application which makes the Carat the best solution for customers that manufacture large and complex parts that have to meet the highest requirements for quality. More information about Carat


More about Evolution

Efficent die casting with a high degree of flexibility

Evolution is a horizontal cold chamber machine series with locking forces of 2,600 to 9,000 kN. Evolution is the ideal solution for manufacturing cast parts of medium to high complexity. The machine is well-suited to customers who have the highest expectations for their castings and require a great deal of flexibility in their production. More information about Evolution

Ecoline S series

More about Ecoline S series

Precision solutions for quality production

The Ecoline S is a series of cold-chamber die casting machines with a locking force range from 3,400 to 8,400 kN. It is particular well-suited for casting aluminum and magnesium. The series is the ideal Bühler alternative for casters which need a basic set of functions and want to rely on proven, dependable, high-performance die casting technology. More information about Ecoline S series

Control system 

DataView, the new control system for Bühler die casting cells, redefines the human-machine interface. Its intuitive touch-screen simplifies all activities including machine setup, process monitoring and diagnostics. Now controlling a die casting cell is easier than ever. More information about DataView 
Datanet is the integral control system for the Bühler Evolution and Carat die casting machines. Hardware and software developed specifically for the die casting process are the basis for optimum casting results. Datanet makes it possible to integrate peripheral devices which allows for the entire casting cell to be centrally operated. More information about Datanet