Wheat Flour Milling

Looking after every last grain.

With an annual harvest of approximately 740 million tons, wheat is one of the most important grains. In order to produce high-quality finished products, an optimized milling process is essential. Bühler offers a wide range of technologies and services to ensure consistent finished product quality with maximum yield. Wheat: The valuable staple food
As one of the main components of the human diet, efficient processing of wheat is crucial. An optimized wheat handling process ensures the highest yield while maintaining a consistent finished product quality. Additionally, the importance of food safety has increased tremendously in recent years. Food production processes need to be free of contaminants and completely traceable.

Bühler: The reliable partner
Bühler offers cutting-edge process technologies for the production of high-quality wheat flour. As the market and technology leader in the grain processing industry, Bühler provides innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Bühler technology makes it possible to achieve a rapid return on investment through outstanding product quality and high yields. Furthermore, Bühler offers extensive food safety solutions for maximum sanitation along the entire production chain.


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