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Megacasting unveiled – Revolution in body-in-white manufacturing

Join our exclusive event and experience the Carat 840 – our 8,400 ton die-casting solution – in real size! In addition, you can look forward to an exciting programme with presentations by renowned speakers on the topic of sustainable production with megacasting solutions. Register now!


Highlights at the event


Learn more about why aluminum die casting is the most cost-effective solution for body-in-white manufacturing and how megacasting can contribute to a more sustainable production.

Industry networking

Get in touch with industry experts and discuss innovations, trends, and sustainable solutions in the die-casting industry.


Get an overview of megacasting and our large cell solutions ranging from 6,000 to 9,200 tons locking force. See and touch the Carat 840 die-casting solution!

Key speakers at the event

Dr. Mikael Fermér

Solution Architect Vehicle Platform @ Volvo Cars

Dr. Mikael Fermér joined Volvo Cars in 1994 and has worked as Technical Specialist in different areas (Technical Expert in Durability CAE, Technical Expert in Body Structure Development, Senior Technical Leader in Body & Exterior Structure & Architecture). After some years as Senior Product Design Engineer at Apple Inc. and Senior Director for Architecture at Geely Volvo Automotive Technology (GVAT) he now works as Solution Architect for Vehicle Platform at Volvo Cars with responsibility to define technical and architectural visions and strategies for primarily body structure, chassis, and climate. Dr. Fermér has served as Project leader for the Megacasting Project at Volvo Cars.

Megacastings enable new design possibilities, providing an architecture without end-of-life, while reducing manufacturing complexity, product cost and CO2 emissions.

Dr. Mikael Fermér, Solution Architect Vehicle Platform @ Volvo Cars

Mark White

Technical Director @ Alumobility and Professor @ The BCAST centre at Brunel University

In his role as Technical Director of Alumobility and over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry with Ford & Jaguar Land Rover, Mark White is an expert in the field of body-in-white engineering. During his career he focused on reducing overall vehicle weight, through application of light weight materials, leading teams in the areas of body engineering, design, research, vehicle manufacturing processes and electrification. Mark is also a leading industry consultant to many established & new OEMs in the area of lightweight & sustainability.

The challenges facing OEMs in transforming to more sustainable passenger transportation are great, but the opportunities for new approaches that focus on efficiency & light weighting, including the trend of mega-casting production is extremely interesting and challenges engineers’ to achieve even more functionality reduce part count without compromising function & performance.

Mark White, Technical Director @ Alumobility and Professor @ The BCAST centre at Brunel University, London

Svetlana Yelchaninova

Director Commercial Sustainability @ Alcoa

Svetlana Yelchaninova is Director Commercial Sustainability at Alcoa. She keeps track of sustainability-related market trends and customer requirements through the entire Aluminium value chain, develops product development strategy for Alcoa’s Sustana™ line of low-carbon products, runs the program to raise awareness of Alcoa-developed break-through technologies, including Elysis™ and Astraea™, and contributes to Alcoa climate change strategy and policies. She also represents Alcoa in various climate-related task forces at regional and global Aluminium associations. 

Svetlana joined Alcoa in 2017, as a global marketing manager for aluminium value-added products, coming from ferrous industry. She holds an MBA from ESADE Business School (Spain) and Master in IT degree from Dnipro State University (Ukraine).

I look forward to the conference and sharing more about our ELYSIS joint venture and how that revolutionary zero-carbon technology fits with Alcoa’s vision to reinvent the aluminum industry for a sustainable future.

Svetlana Yelchaninova, Director Commercial Sustainability @ Alcoa

Michael Cinelli

Product Manager Die Casting @ Bühler

Michael Cinelli is the responsible Product Manager of the Bühler die-casting machine portfolio and is at the forefront of the megacasting trend. With his long-term experience in R&D departments, he has an in-depth knowledge of die-casting solutions and markets. As Product Manager, Michael Cinelli monitors and analyzes trends and is also responsible for the success of the latest developments – the Carat 840 and Carat 920. 

This event is a unique chance for OEMs and industry experts to share and exchange different perspectives on automotive manufacturing processes. I am looking forward to meeting the die-casting industry and representing the Bühler view on the megacasting trend.

Michael Cinelli, Product Manager @ Bühler

Philipp Oostenryck

Vice President System Business @ ABP Induction Systems GmbH

Philipp Oostenryck joined ABP Induction Systems in 2015. After first years as Sales Manager for Induction Heating Systems, he was appointed to the global management team of ABP in 2017. He is responsible for the System Business at ABP, overseeing both the operational business, and the strategic direction of the Business Unit and company. Today Philipp focuses on providing a wide variety of solutions for sustainable industrial production processes, from high-performance induction systems to key technologies for decarbonizing processes.

I am very excited to further develop our solutions for sustainable industrial processes in line with the vision of the die-casting industry and to create a shared path towards a sustainable future!

Philipp Oostenryck , Vice President System Business @ ABP Induction Systems

Cornel Mendler

Managing Director Die Casting @ Bühler



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When? What? Where?
9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Arrival in St. Valentin (Linz) St. Valentin, Austria
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Live tours around Bühler megacasting solutions including experience walk on the Carat 840 St. Valentin, Austria
12 p.m. - 2 p.m. Flying lunch & transfer to Linz St. Valentin - Linz, Austria
2 p.m. - 5 p.m. Presentations by leading keynote speakers on sustainable production with megacasting solutions Linz, Austria
from 5 p.m. Dinner and networking Linz, Austria

Our host and partner at the event

For more than 75 years, ENGEL has been ensuring its customers a head start and continuous progress – in line with the motto “be the first”. With the development and production of injection moulding machines, technologies and digital solutions, ENGEL is shaping the plastics processing of the future. 

ENGEL supports Bühler with “local for local” production from St. Valentin, Austria and Shanghai, China in terms of sustainability and an optimized, minimal CO2 footprint. Both companies are valuable, stable, reliable, financially strong partners for automotive manufacturers, the automotive supply industry, but also numerous other industries.



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You can't join on Monday? Register for our Open House event from June 13-16, 2023.

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