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Open House: Megacasting unveiled

June 13-16, 2023
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
St. Valentin (Linz), Austria

Experience the Carat 840 – our 8,400 ton die casting solution – in real size and take the chance to discuss sustainable applications, new features, and innovations in the die-casting area with industry experts. Reserve one of the limited times slots now!

Highlights at the event

Carat 840 & megacasting

Experience the 8,400 ton die casting solution of Bühler live and get an overview of our megacasting solutions.

Sustainability & partners

Learn more about sustainable solutions and meet our partners that will be on site during the event.


Get in touch with industry experts and the die-casting industry to discuss innovations, trends, and sustainable solutions.



Register now!

Reserve one of the limited time slots now! We are open Tuesday, June 13, to Friday, June 16, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meet our experts

This event is a unique opportunity to see an 8,400 ton die-casting machine in real size and dive into the topic of megacasting.

Cornel Mendler , Managing Director Bühler Die Casting

I look forward to interesting discussions with you and exchanging ideas about the current market developments in structural casting.

Martin Lagler , Director Global Product Management & Marketing Bühler Die Casting

With our partners on site you have the chance to elaborate on different solutions for specific process steps in the entire value chain of the megacasting production.

Michael Cinelli , Product Manager Bühler Die Casting

This is how your day could look like

Arrival and welcome

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our partner ENGEL in St. Valentin, Austria.

Experience walk on the Carat 840

Explore the Carat 840 – our 8,400 ton die-casting solution – in real size and learn more about its technical details on the experience walk.

Inspiration on sustainability & megacasting

Get an overview of megacasting and our large cell solutions ranging from 6,000 to 9,200 tons locking force. Learn more about how megacasting can be the sustainable solution for the body-in-white manufacturing.

Meet our partners

Get inspired by our partners and what they can offer both for megacasting solutions as well as for the die-casting process in general.

Dive into the Bühler world

Learn more about Bühler and its solutions for Advanced Materials. Dive into our virtual world and discover our broad portfolio.

Factory tour at Engel

Take the chance to participate in an exclusive tour through the Engel factory and learn more about injection moulding. 

Joint dinner and networking

Join us for a networking dinner in the city of Linz - hopefully with good weather.

Our host at the event

For more than 75 years, ENGEL has been ensuring its customers a head start and continuous progress – in line with the motto “be the first”. With the development and production of injection moulding machines, technologies and digital solutions, ENGEL is shaping the plastics processing of the future. 

ENGEL supports Bühler with “local for local” production from St. Valentin, Austria and Shanghai, China in terms of sustainability and an optimized, minimal CO2 footprint. 

Both companies are valuable, stable, reliable, financially strong partners for automotive manufacturers, the automotive supply industry, but also numerous other industries.

Engel and Bühler share a stable, trusting partnership that now spans 30 years.

Jochen Wallmüller , Sales Director Automotive

Jochen Wallmüller, Sales Director Automotive Jochen Wallmüller, Sales Director Automotive Jochen Wallmüller, Sales Director Automotive at Engel

Our partners will be on site

Take the opportunity to meet different companies from the die-casting industry and exchange ideas with experts. Below are some of our partner companies that will be represented at the event and will be available to answer your questions.

Meltec is a leading global manufacturer in the field of furnace and dosing technologies for the casting industry. With their aluminum vacuum dosing system as a unique solution, Meltec provides foundries with the tools they need to succeed. Ranging from 1 to 150 kg of dosing weight, they help businesses meet the global environmental challenges of climate protection and energy efficiency.

Robamat is a major manufacturer of high performance temperature control systems for the die-casting industry as well as technology leader regarding contour close cooling channels with integrated leakage detection in die casting dies. Especially with the modular multiple zone temperature control system Robamat provides the perfect solution for challenging and complex tasks particularly with regard to the fields of structural die casting.

StrikoWestofen, part of the Norican Group, has been innovating in furnace technology since the 1950s. The company designs, builds and supplies melting, holding, and dosing furnaces for use in light metal foundries and die casting operations. StrikoWestofen also offers service and parts for the daily operation of the plants, as well as modernization concepts for the equipment base supplied worldwide. Today, StrikoWestofen is synonymous with efficiency in foundries. The consistent focus on reducing energy consumption and metal loss while improving metal quality has resulted in the most energy efficient furnaces in the industry.

Aulbach Automation abk trimming presses is a young, innovative company. They manufacture powerful trimming presses for the foundry industry. The team of qualified specialists from mechanical, hydraulical and electrical engineering knows the needs and requirements of the customers and offers them – thanks to a close cooperation with Aulbach trimming technology – complete trimming solutions from one source. With over 80% exports, abk is an internationally oriented company.

The passion for high-quality and innovative solutions is what enabled the family-owned company Böhmer Maschinenbau GmbH,  to become the world's leading provider of spraying tools and mixing devices for die-casting applications.

At the company's German headquarters,  a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers works on the spray technologies of the future.

The MEGABOX spraytool, a robot based spraying solution, for high efficient spray processes regarding invest, process stability and cycle time are designed specifically for megasting production.

SF Tooling is a global die-casting die supplier with its own manufacturing locations in the US, Germany, and China. With around 220 employees SF Tooling Group is one of the largest tool shops in the die-casting sector and has a unique global presence. As a pioneer in the development and manufacture of die-cast dies in the field of structural, electric drive, and automatic transmission parts, the SF Tooling Group is also well-established in the expanding megacasting segment. With the experience in building dies for die-casting machine sizes beyond the 6,000 tons locking force SF Tooling is a class-leading partner for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Comptech Rheocasting supplies the foundry industry with equipment for rheocasting and provides support in component and process development. By introducing an HPDC process with sustainable alloys, Comptech supports designers and OEMs in their pursuit to fulfill design requirements and thereby respond to the demands for new components and platforms. The equipment of Comptech enables die-casting manufacturers to increase their market share and produce sustainable castings for the future. 

More about megacasting

Larger die-casting solutions make it possible for a whole body in white section to be created as a single piece. This allows automotive OEMs to simplify production, reduce costs and create a more sustainable vehicle.

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