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BioVision for Sortex E Optical Sorter

The Sortex E BioVision is a compact optical sorter for nuts and dried fruit, sorting up to 6 tons per hour. It detects color defects and foreign materials including glass and plastics as small as 5 mm and is designed for maximum food safety.

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Key benefits

Minimize food contamination

The open design and stainless-steel frame make it easier to access and clean the hoppers, chutes, optical areas, and product contact surfaces. The doors are sealed to IP56 rating. The electronics are also protected so you can wash down the sorter.

Minimal operator intervention

The sorter's pre-installed Sortex ProSort operating software is designed for ease of use and stores up to 100 sorting modes. This and machine learning helps you sort different products with minimal calibration and setup time.

Maximize food safety

The Sortex E BioVision relies on its high-resolution cameras running our proprietary detection software to detect the color, shape, and size of the passing product. It reliably removes defective colors, shells, hulls, membranes, plastics, and glass.

Highlight features

Maximize food safety

Add a layer of assurance with BioVision detection technology

The Sortex BioVision technology detects spectral and spatial characteristics. So it can tell the difference between good nut products and shells and foreign material. It can remove hazardous material as small as 5 mm in size.


Consistent product quality

The sorter’s Profile technology detects defects that cannot be differentiated by color, for example, sticks and peanuts or undersized and oversized almonds. Simply set and define the shape you want and start removing unwanted shapes and sizes from your nuts.

Maximize your overall equipment effectiveness

Customized service in more than 140 countries

Get quick emergency support, spares, and service packages through our local service stations worldwide. Or use our Sortex Anyware service and give our expert engineers remote access to your sorter to make real-time adjustments.

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