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Robot-supported moulding line


The ChocoBotic uses robotics to manufacture solid and filled chocolate bars. Its robotic design removes the need for chains and lubricants. It also uses fewer components and stations than traditional chocolate production lines.

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Key benefits

Flexible processing sequences and steps

The ChocoBotic reinvents the traditional chocolate moulding line. Its new approach doesn't need lines or chains. Instead, it uses two robots which are much more flexible. So you can easily rearrange the processing sequence or configure each step.

Designed for easy cleaning

The cooler contains no moving parts. The shelving system inside is easily detachable and removable for cleaning.

Modular design

The ChocoBotic comes in modules. This makes it easy to add new products to your processes. For instance, you can start producing solid chocolate bars and later add further modules such as the CoolCore to also produce filled chocolate products.

Highlight features

Versatile, compact design

Suitable for large or small production lines

With its very compact footprint of just 25 m², the ChocoBotic is suitable for a wide range of production plants. It can also process many different products, masses, and recipes, making it considerably easier for you to react flexibly to seasonal changes and consumer trends.

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