EVO Mill

Make your own wheat flour​

300 tons a day


EVO Mill

Make your own wheat flour​

300 tons a day


Are you looking to invest into a new flour mill? What do you need to start into this venture and how much capital is required? What are the operating costs and where do you source which kind of wheat from?​

Bühler has generations of experience in milling and understands the regional markets deeply. Hence, we consider ourselves as the partner of choice to venture into the flour milling business.​

With our new EVO Mill, we also provide an entry solution to flour milling customers. This pre-engineered 300 t/day mill we offer together with partners for building and silo. Process and interfaces are all defined making the start of the business a piece of cake – or at least the flour for the cake.​


EVO Mill in brief

Turnkey alternative

Pre-engineered concept with selected options. Partner network for silo and building.


300 tons per day or as twin version with 600 tons per day.

End products

Tailored to one or two flour types in combination semolina as option.

Turnkey Greenfield Mill

EVO is Bühler’s alternative to a turnkey mill. Individual contracts are drawn up for the process buildings, silo installation and milling solutions. Partners are verified and interfaces between each solution provider is clearly delineated. Hence, costs are likely to be kept within budget and time schedules can be more easily estimated and met. ​

The Bühler process comprises intake-, cleaning-, mill-, finished products-,  by-products- and packing equipment. It is controlled through Bühler’s plant automation system and digital services provide further insights into the plants’ performance. Other services include project management for Bühler scope & interface coordination, engineering, supervision of mechanical & electrical installation as well as commissioning and training. 

Why is EVO the right solution for you?

Essential end products

The flowsheet is designed to produce a basic straight run all-purpose flour with an extraction rate of around 78% or a low ash flour and a dark flour in combination. An option to include purifiers also enables semolina production.​

Adaptable to your needs

A set of pre-defined options allows you to configure EVO to your needs. Moreover, EVO is a concept that allows growth. If the business flourishes, an extension to 600 t/day is easily possible

Benefit from working with the market leader

Bühler’s EVO Mill allows investors primarily in markets like Africa to benefit from the security of working with the market leader and of course also from nearby support hubs that provide service and training.

State of the art solutions

Our quality process solutions are accompanied by Mercury or Pluto plant control systems and the digital starter kit with a gateway, Replay, Yield Management System (YMS), Error and downtime analysis (EDA) services is included.

Key benefits of EVO Mill

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