Continuous and stable port operation

COFCO, Tianjin, China

COFCO Jiayue chose Bühler's large-capacity ship unloader Portalink 1100/90RK

The 70000-ton bulk grain berth of Tianjin Lingang Jiayue Grain and Oil Terminal Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional bulk grain berth projects in China. It was financed and constructed by COFCO and passed the acceptance inspection in December 2010. Bühler's Grain Storage business departement participated in the construction of the project, thereby setting another important benchmark for the important port of bulk grain loading and unloading in China, helping clients to achieve efficient and sustainable development.

About COFCO Jiayue

COFCO Jiayue is one of the major oil production and processing enterprises in northern China. It mainly produces edible oils such as the brands “Fulinmen”, “Sihai”, and “Fuzhanggui”. Its products are distributed chiefly in North China, Northeast China and Northwest China. COFCO Jiayue was established and put into operation in July 2011. The port currently has a 100000-ton grain and oil berth with an annual handling capacity of 2.6 million tons and an overall storage capacity of 600000 tons. This ensures an annual processing capacity of 2 million tons of soybeans and grease, and 27 million cases of oil. The company introduces internationally advanced production and logistics facilities to seamlessly integrate port handling, warehousing and logistics, production and processing, and finished product delivery.

Facts about COFCO Jiayue

1000 t/h
throughput of the ship unloader
80000 DWT
460 tons
The Portalink 1100/90RK weighs almost 500 tons.

Protection of the environment with Bühler

Environmental issues are a central concern for all mankind. Humanity urgently needs to reduce its negative impact on the environment, economy must not develop at its expense. Industrial emissions are the main cause for the heavy environmental pollution in China.

A healthy environment is the basis for healthy food and plays an important role in food safety as well. Therefore, we need to protect it. Only on this basis, we can produce great food.

Equipment from Bühler

Bühler's equipment significantly reduces dust emissions, which is a huge advantage over other equipment.


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