VIVESCIA, Sommesous, France

Efficient grain storage

VIVESCIA is active along the entire grain value chain, from field to fork, linking cereal-producing farmers with the grain processing industries and final consumers. Most activities take place in the B2B markets and deliver a diverse product range spanning bakery ingredients and frozen bakery products, ingredients for breweries and distilleries, as well as animal feed. It manages around 250 collection points with a turnover of 3 million tons a year. With the best interests of their farmer-members, consumers, and local communities in mind, VIVESCIA advocates highest business standards, product quality, and environmental performance.

VIVESCIA commissioned Bühler to design and build a new cereal reception and storage center with a total capacity of 43500 tons on a greenfield site in the commune of Sommesous in France. The plant design included 10 steel silos, uploading and conveying, as well as cleaning and filter facilities to receive and process wheat, barley, rapeseed, and corn. It was installed and commissioned for the 2015 harvest.

VIVESCIA recognized Bühler’s exceptional expertise and rigorous precision engineering qualities. As requirements were very detailed and fixed, this demanded a high level of flexibility on Bühler’s part. The Bühler team was fully committed to meeting these requirements and implementing the best solution within the very tight deadline. This commitment convinced VIVESCIA that they had found the right partner for the project. Bühler’s approach not only met all the critical requirements but also met their price and quality expectations.

The project’s ambitious goals, objectives, detailed specifications, and deadlines posed a substantial challenge for all teams involved. Working closely in cooperation with VIVESCIA, Bühler developed a single-pass concept, meaning that grain can be received, cleaned, processed, and put in silos in a single process step, at a throughput of 250 tons per hour. In order to keep maintenance time as low as possible, most ducts are lined with wear-resistant and food-safe material.


tons storage capacity
in 10 steel silos
universal cleaning machines TAS
two of them process 250 t/h, one processes 40 t/h
250 t/h
truck dispatching
in two lines
With Bühler, we found a true partner who really took into account our opinion and constraints and does everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

Denis Kesy, Project Manager, VIVESCIA, Sommesous

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