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Webinar: High performance coatings using Bühler Leybold Optics IBS

January 27, 2021
60 minutes

New technologies and new developments are more and more asking for precision and high quality optical coatings. In this webinar, we would like to present our current Ion Beam Sputtering [IBS] program.

Ion Beam Sputtering is the answer when it comes to ultra-low losses or/and high performance coatings (99.99x% reflectivity). Material is sputtered from a target using high energy ions generated in a separate RF-source. The advantage of IBS on Magnetron Sputtering is the wider range of material that can be sputtered, metallic in the case of reactive sputtering or dielectric without sacrificing the deposition rate.

Using a 22cm beam aperture RF-source, and a wide range of configuration, we are able to provide a solution for most of the coatings requirements. We will introduce the various configuration available, and show our latest results, in terms of optical performance for dielectric supermirrors, or coating precision for notch and band-pass filters.



  • Introduction to Bühler Leybold IBS (20 minutes)
  • IBS Coating results (20 minutes)
  • Questions (20 minutes)

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Dr. Alex Ribeaud

IBS Project Leader, Bühler

Alex Ribeaud studied material Science and Engineering in Toulouse (France) and completed his doctor degree in Applied Physics from the University of Versailles (France) at the CEA (Commissariat à L’Energie Atomique) in Grenoble. The core subject was the Epitaxial Process of ZnO layers for LED applications.

After graduating, he moved and joined Leybold Optics in Manchester (England) as Process Engineer, learning his way through Opthalmic machines to precision coating machines. He then worked at Compound Photonics in the UK on Veeco’s Spector Ion Beam Sputtering System, qualifying the machines and the deposition technique for laser facet coatings on GaAs red lasers.

He then joined Bühler Alzenau in 2017 as project leader for the development of the Ion Beam Sputtering System, helping bringing the machine from concept and development to a field series system.

Philipp Spindler

Optics Business Unit Sales Manager, Bühler

Philipp Spindler studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg (Germany) and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

He joined Leybold Optics as process engineer and worked for 5 years integrating coating machines and coating processes into customer production lines for ophthalmic and precision optics. In 2016 he joined the technical sales team.  

As Sales Manager at Bühler Leybold Optics, he is responsible for Precision Optics and Semiconductor in Asia.

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