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Technical wafer specialist

4 days for EWB lines | 5 days for flat and hollow wafer lines
Leobendorf, Austria | At your site
Selected maintenance personnel, technicians
German, English, other languages on request

This training is available for all types of wafer plants. Learn how to perform comprehensive maintenance according to major service intervals. The training will cover fine-tuning baking plate settings, adjusting locking systems and servicing hinges. You will understand and be able to regulate heating systems and temperature controls. Become skilled in troubleshooting, both by yourself and via remote services, and be aware of the appropriate emergency actions. Learn to deal with circuit diagrams and our PLC systems for a better understanding of the sensor and actuator systems in use as well as of possible issues that may arise.

Basic maintenance training recommended, sufficient experience in the operation process necessary

  • Snacks, soft drinks, coffee breaks and a lunchtime meal
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Letter of invitation for visa application and support finding the right accommodations
  • Comprehensive handout covering what you are learning
  • Certificate confirming your attendance

Your course instructors

Trainer Wafer Equipment

Eugen Trauner

Eugen Trauner joined our company as an apprentice in 1991. Since then he has gained experience working in various positions, heading the technical service department before becoming a trainer in 2017 to share his knowledge with you.

Trainer Wafer Equipment

Roman Zeller

Roman Zeller has been working for our company for more than 20 years. His broad technological knowledge is at your disposal: Since 2013 Roman has been concentrating on training our customers for success.

Infrastructure in Leobendorf

Equipment for hands-on training

Gain practical experience on baking plates, a complete oven gas heating system, safety systems, PLC and other electronic controls as well as on other applicable machine components.

Other amenities

On-site in Leobendorf you will find a canteen, a company restaurant, a coffee corner and a well-equipped classroom.

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