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On-site dryer training programs

Half day, full day, or multiple day formats are available
Your plant
Plant and product development engineers, operators, maintenance and QC personnel.
English, Spanish

We offer on-site conveyor dryer training for plant and product development engineers, operators, maintenance and QC personnel who wish to increase their understanding of the drying process.

Our beginner, refresher and advanced training programs promote a better understanding of your thermal processing system, and optimize its performance and uptime. Customized training is also available.

Skills learned:

•Drying theory, and how it relates to your products.

•Basic troubleshooting, and how to make improvements.

•Understanding airflow and the effects of internal baffling.

•Use of best-practice methods in dryer operation to achieve higher quality products and improved energy efficiency.

•Identifying and avoiding the most common dryer pitfalls

New and experienced operation and maintenance personnel will find this course valuable.

  • Classroom presentations led by a variety of dryer specialists.
  • Hands-on focus sessions on your own dryers
  • Printed training materials


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