Behind-the-scenes in die-casting remanufacturing

Italy event reveals the potential of machine upgrades and overhauls 

Bühler Brescia’s dedicated remanufacturing plant in Beddizole, Italy, welcomed customers and partners to a behind-the-scenes tour to see how they transform ageing die-casting machines into efficient modern systems. 


Set against the spectacular backdrop of Lake Garda, 50 customers were shown around the whole factory, viewing disassembled die-casting machines and learning the extent to which upgrades, or complete overhauls can improve performance and reduce environmental impact.

Protecting die-casting investments

Every customer knows that a die-casting cell represents a significant investment. Working at extreme forces in harsh foundry conditions, die-casting machines inevitably suffer from wear and tear which can affect part quality and cell uptime. Attendees at the Beddizole event were able to see the incredibly detailed work put into a remanufactured machine, with technicians pointing out the areas where careful work can restore performance, delivering many more years of life from their initial investment.

Significant advantages for sustainability

Jan Meier, Production Manager Bühler Brescia, explained that remanufacturing can also make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions. “We analyzed the remanufacturing of an Evolution 84 die-casting machine and found that a revision causes 67% less CO2 emissions compared to the production of a new system. This saving includes using around 180,000 kWh less energy, over 85,000 less liters of water and a reduction in waste materials of about four-and-a-half tons.”

Enhancing performance

Remanufacturing can also upgrade machines, adopting new technologies and digital capabilities that weren’t available when the machine was originally produced. For example, retrofitting a DataView control unit can give die-casters better operator control and management of data. Newer technology may provide an advantage in cycle times and cell uptime; or allow more efficient integration with peripherals.

Jan Meier said he was delighted by the event. “Customers don’t always realize the extent of the work that goes into remanufacturing, so it was great to welcome so many here and show them what we do. The chance to relax with food and drink next to the beautiful lake and talk about die casting challenges with other experienced die casters was also a highlight of the day.”

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