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Padmasri Rice Industries, Miryalaguda, India

Located in the Nalgonda district of the Indian state of Telangana, Miryalaguda is a city well known for its rice processing mills. One of India’s leading exporters of parboiled rice, Miryalaguda has a total of 170 rice mills located in the immediate vicinity, supplying nearby states like Kerala and Bihar.

Fully automated

One of the town’s most successful mills is Padmasri Rice Industries, and when this thriving market and high demand meant that Padmasri had to expand, the company looked to Bühler to install a fully-automated plant.

Utmost care

Bühler’s commissioning, engineering, and execution teams took ‘utmost care in commissioning the plant’, says Padmasri Rice Industries partner Mr Srikanth, and the automated plant with its Pluto system has optimized production. Padmasri now has far lower broken rates, reduced power consumption as well as a smaller workforce, while Bühler’s state-of-the-art Sortex optical sorting machine ensures that the final rice product is always of the highest quality.

With Bühler’s Pluto automation in Padmasri Rice Industries we can easily operate the plant in one place. Managing the plant has become easier, and the plant is dust-free.

Satti Babu, Operator, Padmasri Rice Industries

The company's Managing Director, Jain Murali with his key partners, visited Bühler's Bengaluru headquarters to discuss the plans in detail. They were shown the facility's state-of-the-art rice application and R&D centers while Bühler's technologists explained what they could expect from the machinery. Impressed by what they saw, they placed their order for a new plant.

My co-millers are calling me over and telling me that the quality of Padmasri Rice Industries is outstanding - it makes me very proud. We made the right decision to install the Bühler plant and I proudly recommend to all my co-millers that they install Bühler in their rice mills.

Jain Murali, MD, Padmasri Rice Industries

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