Increased yield, optimized quality

Octopi Brewing Waunakee, Wisconsin

Octopi Brewing is a leading contract brewery based in Wisconsin, in America’s  Midwest. The brewery was founded in 2015 by Isaac Showaki, who used his decade-long experience as consultant for other breweries to fulfill his dream of opening a state-of-the-art facility of his own.

Gold standard

He was determined to make Octopi the gold standard in the industry, specializing in top-quality, high-end products. As a result, the company has been growing strongly ever since, and key to its success has been its drive to be a one-stop-shop to meet all the needs of its leading brand customers looking for better brewing processes.

Maximum yield

The Maltomat III’s modern grinding system enables maximum yield, reduced lautering times and optimal husk volume, making it the ideal choice for quality craft brewers like Octopi. The new mill has improved Octopi’s yields and led to an increase in efficiency of around 15-16%, which in turn has meant a significant reduction in production costs. Maltomat’s ability to grind a variety of malts and grains means that Octopi can fulfill its clients’ requirements while also keeping production costs low and, most importantly, the beer quality high. 

This ever-increasing demand led to Octopi undergoing a US $10 million expansion, which saw the facility triple in size and add an upgraded grist mill to replace its existing rudimentary four-roll mill. Isaac had seen Bühler’s new Maltomat III grist mill installed at a brewery in neighbouring Minnesota, and had heard from the owners about how happy they were with its performance. “So when we decided to expand it became a good time to install one of our own,” he says.

With 85% of the beer we make being for other breweries we know what works to make a brand successful – and that starts with consistent quality and taste. Bühler’s Maltomat III makes it easy. When we got to a certain volume we needed to be more efficient. We needed to reduce our lautering times and production costs, and I wanted our recipes to be more consistent. That's why I went to Bühler.

Isaac Showaki, President, Octopi Brewing

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