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Delica AG, Taverne, Ticino, Switzerland

Delica war einer der ersten Reisproduzenten der Schweiz und betreibt die größte Reismühle des Landes, im Herzen der Region, wo Reisanbau bis ins 15. Jahrhundert zurückreicht.

Masters of rice

“Delica has rice know-how dating back to the beginning of the century,’ said the company’s Quality Assurance Manager in Taverne, Stefania Dolci. “This makes us the masters of rice in Ticino, and maybe even in all of Switzerland. It’s a very small team and every single employee counts – we’re like a small family.” Living up to the company’s high standards is where Bühler technology and its cutting-edge production and refining line have proved invaluable. 

Delica has been able to build on its expertise through close collaboration with Bühler and use of its state-of-the-art equipment. Variations in rice from one year to the next, and one supplier to the next, mean that the technology has to be the very best available to ensure consistent quality. The ultimate aim in rice processing is to achieve the optimum balance of yield, quality and efficiency, which means continuous and reliable measuring of quality throughout the entire process – something made possible by Bühler’s industry-leading RiceLinePro sensor.

Maximum transparency

RiceLinePro seamlessly measures all quality parameters – including, crucially, whiteness – with information and data analytics available instantly through the Bühler Insights platform. This ensures maximum transparency at all times, and has helped Delica to meet the extremely high standards its customers have come to expect and consolidate its position as the region’s premier rice producer.its environmental friendliness, as its energy consumption levels are consistently low.

And at this moment I could not imagine a more modern plant with more digital solutions than the one we have. We really have a plant with the top technology that any customer could want.

Stefania Dolci, Delica Taverne Quality Assurance Manager

In conversations with Bühler we developed a production process that was ideal for us – to produce our entire product variety in the most efficient way. Bühler is a partner we’ve chosen to take this journey in rice refining and processing, and we’ve chosen to take this journey together.

Stefania Dolci, Delica Taverne Quality Assurance Manager

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