Digital Services

Harnessing the power of digital technology

Digital Services

Harnessing the power of digital technology

Digitalization is probably the most significant change most industries have seen in a lifetime. Digital technologies bring huge benefits and are disrupting business models everywhere. We are here to support you on the journey of digital transformation. We will be your guide. We turn machinery into connected devices, allow the free flow of data from sensors, machines and control units to a single storage location. Bühler Insights, our IoT platform, optimizes your plant’s efficiency and reduces maintenance times, energy consumption and wastage. You benefit from our combined expertise in digital services and our know-how as technology experts. We will ensure your business benefits fully from these new technologies.


How you can profit from Bühler Digital Services ?

Bühler Insights helps to identify the most frequent causes for downtime and take preventive measures.

Detailed and transparent overview of processes allows for output optimization and consistent product quality

Better equipment performance and lower energy consumption reduces operating costs and improves your business’s environmental footprint.

Accurate planning of maintenance cycles based on condition data from individual machines and production lines increases the lifetime of your equipment.

Digital transformation starts here

The way we run our production plants is changing. From mechanical improvements to automation we are now in the era of connected devices with smart analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Bühler has been at the forefront of technological innovation from the very beginning.

Today we harness the power of digital technologies to boost your productivity and reduce operating cost.

We are here to help! Get in touch to benefit from our digital service solutions and be part of the journey.


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Increase overall equipment effectiveness

Remote Support
Combine RemoteCare with Bühler Insights to make one step forward and optimize uptime with the help of Bühler experts 24/7.
Technology leader
Bühler Insights Services combine the benefits of digitalization with the process know-how of Bühler technology experts. We bring transparency and optimizations directly to your operations.
Bühler Insights
Bühler Insights offers a series of capabilities to monitor the performance of production lines and quantify the effect of measures taken. Access individual dashboards and KPIs to benchmark the productivity of multiple sites.
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