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The Visconomic is our innovative solution for processing highly viscous products effectively. The advanced processing chamber allows high flow rates and effective temperature control. Visconomic also offers flexible controls and a user-friendly design.

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Key benefits

Suitable for temperature-sensitive products

The Visconomic offers you precise product temperature control even at very high product viscosities. The rotor and inner lining cooling, as well as the ceramic inner lining, provide intense cooling capacities.

User-friendly design

With the processing chamber set at a user-friendly height, the Visconomic is easy to operate. All the relevant parts are easily accessible, which simplifies maintenance. The inner lining is easily removable for cleaning and bead changing.

High flow rates

The Visconomic allows high flow rates, even with highly viscous products such as UV offset inks and cosmetics. The unique pin-type processing chamber guarantees efficiency and the dynamic gap separation effectively prevents blocking and bead compression.

Efficient processing

Pin-type process chamber

The novel process chamber design combined with efficient dynamic gap separation enables the highest flow rates, even at very high viscosities. The extended cooling surface of the rotor and stator brings you stable process temperatures at a very low level. The grinding chamber materials have excellent heat conductivity properties to further enhance the heat transfer process.

Easy to operate

User-friendly processing chamber

To make operation and maintenance as easy as possible, the processing chamber is set at a user-friendly height. This allows your operator to work in an upright position and makes maintenance access very straightforward.

Accessible cleaning

Trolley for easy stator handling

The stator is mounted on a wheeled trolley, which makes it easy for you to roll the stator clear for cleaning and bead change.

Guided operation

Sophisticated control system for easy set-up and use

Our automated control system will guide your operator through each step, which makes extensive training unnecessary. Various features, such as start ramps, ensure a fast production start tailored to your product.

Integrated with your process

Complete plant solutions

We can work with your team to plan and implement a wide range of options. From a single machine to a complete plant tailored to your process, we can bring the latest technology and application experience to create highly efficient solutions.

These are our Visconomic machines

Visconomic 3

Visconomic 6


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