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Vibro discharger

The vibro discharger empties bulk materials from concrete, plastic and steel silos. It provides a complete and segregation-free discharge and comes in a wide range of sizes.

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Key benefits

Complete discharge of bulk materials

The vibro discharger empties the silo completely. This gives a high level of sanitation and avoids mixing products.

Designed for minimal maintenance

We lubricate the bearings to last the lifecycle of the machine, so you don’t need to lubricate them again. You can also easily access the motor to carry out inspections and maintenance.

Even discharge from the silo

The whole of the discharger’s cone vibrates. This produces an even vibration and an even discharge from the silo.

Highlight features

Flexible use

The vibro discharger fits a wide range of silos

You can use the vibro discharger with concrete, steel or plastic silo bins. It also comes in many different sizes.

Hygienic design

Designed to maximize product purity

All the discharger’s parts in contact with the product give a smooth flow of material. This reduces dust traps and prevents residues from building up.

Two design versions

Choose between the vibro dischargers MFVH and MFVK

The MFVK is available in mild steel. The MFVH is available in mild steel or stainless steel for a higher level of sanitation and food safety. It also comes in a wide range of sizes.

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