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Vertical hammer mill


With no external aspiration required, our Vertica hammer mill can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%. Its small footprint as well as the change-over and hygiene benefits make it ideal for the feed, grain and oil milling and biomass industries.

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Key benefits

Energy savings of up to 25%

With no need for external aspiration during the grinding process, our Vertica saves 25% of your energy compared to horizontal hammer mills.

Excellent flexibility

Our user-friendly design guarantees short changeover times, allowing you to change raw materials in a quick and simple way.

Outstanding sanitation

The grinding chamber is easily accessible from all sides due to automatic lowering of the hopper. This greatly simplifies the inspection and cleaning of the chamber.

The innovative energy-saving hammer mill.


​Lower investment and operating costs

One of Vertica's major advantages is that it doesn’t require independent aspiration – the integrated air circulation in the feeder is all that is needed. As fans and filters are not needed, capital investment and operating costs are significantly reduced. Your energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 25% in comparison to horizontal hammer mills.


Small footprint for a guaranteed fit in your plant

Our Vertica takes up little space and fits well in your plant. It is easy to retrofit into an existing space or to plan into a new plant. Our Vertica vertical hammer mill can be used as a single hammer mill or as a twin solution for doubled throughput.


Fast and simple maintenance

Our Vertica offers 360 degree access to the rotor, hammers and screens. This enables safe and easy access for maintenance and wear parts in even the tightest space.

The Vertica is easy to use and to maintain. The housing of the grinding chamber can be lowered to give 360° access to the hammers and screens, making cleaning and replacement of any worn parts simple and easy.

The two-hand safety mechanism prevents improper operation of the machine to protect your operators. You can also choose to add temperature sensors and vibration detection systems for warning signals. The Vertica's noise level is typically half that of a horizontal hammer mill and can be controlled within 83 dB(A) for most common materials and recipes.

You can purchase your Vertica as a stand-alone machine or as part of a broader solution. We offer a whole range of automation solutions, from individual machine control to a full smart factory integration.

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