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Universal cleaning machine


The TAS universal cleaning machine is a high-end grain cleaning machine for processing different types of grain into high-quality products. This high-throughput, hygienic and efficient system is used for the reception and storage of grain.

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Key benefits

Reduced operation costs

Both the inlet and outlet aspirations are connected and use the same air. This means that the TAS can operate with a small fan and thus reduce energy consumption.

First-class cleaning and grading

The TAS features a high density of sieves that perform gentle circular movements. This separates product and impurities well. It also has easy access for sampling, product checks, and airflow adjustment.

High throughput on a small footprint

The TAS disposes of a large sieve area of up to 48 m² on a footprint of less than 12 m², delivering high throughputs with low space requirements. This can also help to reduce initial investment costs.

Highlight features

Next generation

Full control at your fingertips

The new TAS LAAC can easily be controlled from anywhere in the plant. Even recipe settings can be controlled remotely for targeted cleaning to improve yield and quality. Remote adjustments are more convenient and save on labor costs, and the LAAC’s settings make product changes seamless. No external throttle valve is required, and optimization is always possible with Bühler’s digital services.

Green future

Taking on the challenge

The LAAC not only streamlines your processes and boosts your yield, it’s also good for the planet. Fast electrical aspiration settings mean far less waste, while its new LED light reduces energy use and maintenance work. Wear protection and sealing have been improved for an even longer service life, and the LAAC’s fast-changing electrical settings and sieve box movement save even more energy.

We use the TAS cleaning machines in our wheat intake but also in the main cleaning stage in our mills. In total, we have more than 50 machines installed in our sites all over China and are very satisfied.

Yang Yuegang, Wudeli Mills, China

You can add an optional sieve changing platform. This is a swing-down work platform, intended for the safe and easy changing of sieves. It is fitted with a guardrail and swings up onto the TAS when it is not in use. It comes as a pre-assembled kit and we are happy to help you with installation.

An optional inlet regulator automatically distributes grain and product over the entire width of the machine. This reduces wear and tear, increases the machine’s capacity and saves manual adjustments each time you change the product.

An optional lining consisting of polyurethane plates can be added to the inlet and outlet areas as well as to the product distribution area. This helps to reduce wear and noise.

Our processing machines feature a special design with a significantly larger main screen area, so grain can be processed very precisely and sorted into two grades. That makes the TAS a first-class grading option, indispensable especially in malting plants and grain processing plants.

You can add a screen changeover unit to carry out dual grading without changing the sieve. This is useful especially for frequent product changes.

All sieves are attached to sturdy metal frames. They are kept clean by rubber balls which move around the sieves with the motion of the machine. You can change the sieves easily and quickly through a front panel. The sieves are retained only by the pressure of the sieve flaps. So no screws have to be loosened during replacement.

The grain cleaner has two large expansion chambers, allowing light particles to fall to the bottom of the chamber. Here, they are withdrawn from the machine by the discharge screw. This helps to keep the filter clear and prevents clogging of the sieves by dust and particles.

The TAS has a high density of sieves which means that the product is in contact with a sieve for much longer. This allows for very thorough separation of impurities from grain and product. The circular movement of the sieves is very gentle and also contributes to a more complete removal of impurities. Samples can easily be taken through a flap in the pipe to check the product quality.

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