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Trough chain conveyor

Our chain conveyor LBCB sets standards in versatility and performance. The wide range of its accessories allows the safe and gentle handling of grainy and floury products.

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Key benefits

A versatile chain conveyor

With this machine, we use a bottom-up approach, so we can design every chain conveyor according to customer specifications. In this way, you get the optimal conveyor for the intended application field.

Prevents product from sticking and increases sanitation

Our conveyor features plastic scrapers on every plate link and special rubber cleaning vanes, so less product will adhere to the trough. In this way, even the most stringent sanitation standards can be met.

Best operational reliability

Safety equipment such as an overflow device in the driving station and an optional zero-motion monitor in the tensioning station enable high plant availability.

Highlight features

High versatility

Flexible and individual configuration of the conveyor

The chain conveyor LBCB features a number of chain and bearing options. The system is modular and uses standardized machine components. With these characteristics, the conveying system can be configured flexibly and according to customer specifications.

Hygienically designed chain conveyor

Achieving higher food safety by better sanitation

The conveyor’s features assist you in maintaining even the most demanding standards in hygiene and sanitation. They include chain wheels with dirt grooves, outlet flaps under the trough, plastic scrapers attached to every chain link, and rubber cleaning vanes spaced at greater intervals. The tensioning station is designed to minimize residue buildup.

High operational reliability

Zero-motion monitor and overflow flap

Our chain conveyor LBCB is constructed with a zero-motion monitor at the tensioning station. This device detects chain ruptures indirectly via monitoring the speed of a non-driven shaft. Another feature to protect the plant against failure is the overflow flap in the driving station. This stops the machine as soon as product piles up in the driving station.

The trough bottom of the chain conveyor LBCB is made of superior-quality steel. Every chain link plate carries continuous plastic scrapers. Both characteristics help to reduce maintenance and provide a long machine lifetime.

The return rail reduces the noise by up to 50%, as the chain in the upper trough section runs continuously smoother.

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