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Three-roll mill


Trinomic is a three-roll mill designed to meet your most stringent quality standards for high to very high viscosity masses, while delivering maximum productivity for printing inks, solar, electronics, cosmetics, paints, toners and other applications.

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Key benefits

Robust design

The Trinomic is renowned for its long-standing reliable operation, ensuring outstanding accuracy and product quality.

Guaranteed safety

The Trinomic features safety equipment to help protect your operators.

ROI that you will appreciate

From printing inks, solar technology, electronics, cosmetics, lubricants, sealing pastes and artists colors, Trinomic has an excellent return on investment track record for customers across the world.

Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Less waste

High yield operation

Reliability, high raw material yield and gentle dispersion of contamination- and temperature-sensitive products are key properties you will appreciate. The Trinomic also demonstrates superiority over other technologies with regards to gloss properties of printing inks.

Roll pressing

Hydrodynamic roll pressing system

This system guarantees a high throughput and constant, reproducible roll pressure in the three-roll mill’s milling gap.


Three roll operating positions

The Trinomic offers several operating positions for maximum usability. The ‘pressing’ operating position is the working position for fine grinding and dispersion. The ‘mixing’ position provides a pressed intake gap for intermixing of the material. The ‘disengagement’ position ensures that the rolls are disengaged for cleaning.


Your safety is our priority

The pivoting stainless steel safety cover enables loading the rolls using a pump, a press-out device or by manual application. The electrically detected catch basin protects the pinch point under the apron. For safe cleaning, a roll-in protection is included.

Adjusting process parameter settings is simple and operator-friendly, increasing your productivity and reducing time required.


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