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SD three-roll mills

Our versatile SD three-roll mills bring you high quality, high throughput and repeatable application for nearly any viscosity mass. From inks and electronics to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, this is the mill you can rely on, day in day out.

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Key benefits

Flexibility to meet your precise needs

Camberless Viva roll technology, efficient cooling and cleanroom design give you the flexibility you need for your precise application.

High reliability

From small batch laboratory to large production runs, our SD range has been engineered to deliver the reliability you need.

Guaranteed safety

The pivoting aluminum safety cover, electrically detected catch basin and roll-in protection all help ensure safe operation to CE standards.

Delivering higher, repeatable quality


Innovation that makes a difference

Reliability, high raw material yield and gentle dispersion of contamination- and temperature-sensitive products are key properties you will appreciate. Different roll materials and concepts allow cleanroom production to international standards. Our unique camberless Viva roll technology guarantees even product quality independent of the roll pressure for consistent coverage, every time.

Hydrodynamic roll pressing

Consistency you will appreciate

Our hydrodynamic roll pressing system guarantees a high throughput and constant, reproducible roll pressure in the three-roll mill’s milling gap, delivering consistent, repeatable results.

Roll gap setting

Versatility built in

The manual roll gap setting allows defining the gap size between the rolls precisely. This enables producing high-viscosity, medium-viscosity and low-viscosity products efficiently, in line with your precise specifications.

Safety built in

CE-compliant safety features

The pivoting aluminum safety cover enables loading rolls using a pump, a press-out device or manual application. The electrically detected catch basin protects the pinch point under the apron. For safe cleaning, a roll-in protection is included.

Open and closed cooling

Individual roll cooling

Open and closed cooling systems are available for our SD roll mills. The cooling capacity and processing temperature of each roll can be set individually to give you ultimate control.

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