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Steel storage bin

Corrugated steel storage bins offer a sanitary way to store grain, rice, and raw paddy. They take up a small footprint and can be used in warehousing, handling, processing, and transshipping grain. For long-term storage, aeration and cooling can be added.

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Key benefits

Automation and apps assist you in safeguarding your product

Use our automation software and digital services to control your storage conditions. Protect your product, for instance by monitoring the temperature inside the silo with our PreMa app, both from inside your control room or on your phone.

Store different grains and agricultural products

Our steel storage silos are suitable for grain, rice, raw paddy and many other agricultural products.

Quickly add more storage to your plant

Our steel silos are designed for quick installation so you can easily upscale your plant.

Highlight features

PreMa app

Monitor your silo from your phone

Our PreMa app measures the temperature in your silo. Check it from your phone or computer, set an alarm if the temperature fluctuates so you can respond straight away. With PreMa, you can comfortably keep your product safe and avoid food loss.

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