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Optical sorter

SORTEX F Polarvision

This frozen fruit and vegetable optical sorter removes color defects, extraneous vegetable matter, and foreign materials in throughputs of up to 20 t/h. Our most hygienic sorting platform, it is FDA-approved for complete wash-down to maximize food safety.

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Key benefits

High-capacity optical sorter with a small footprint

The SORTEX F is available in three machine sizes with an overall maximum footprint area of 9 m². During a re-sorting setup, chutes can also be flexibly configured and arranged to achieve a higher yield.

Maximize food safety

This sorter combines two proprietary detection technologies to detect all types of foreign materials including light and dark colored plastics, wood, glass, snails, and cardboard from 0.6 mm in size.

Minimize bacterial contamination

The SORTEX F optical sorting platform is our most hygienically designed sorter. It is manufactured in stainless steel, featuring food-grade safe fixings, sloped surfaces, and is FDA-approved for cleaning and complete wash-down.

Highlight features

Simplifying sorting

Minimal programming, setup, and monitoring

The SORTEX F is machine-learning enabled and offers storage for 100 user-defined sorting modes. It features automatic calibration of the cameras and lighting during setup with minimal input from operators. Simply click to start sorting.

Maximize profitability

384 ejectors for minimal loss of good product

The optical sorter features 384 individual ejectors combined with Ejector Plus technology to remove heavier defects and foreign materials. The ejectors also ensure minimal loss of good frozen produce.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Customized services and support with presence in over 140 countries

Our extensive local presence offers quick and fast turnaround of emergency support, spares, and service packages, maximizing your overall equipment effectiveness. Additionally, for further sorter optimization, the SORTEX Total Care SafeGuard service feature can also be activated to allow our engineers have remote access and make real-time adjustments.

Our goal was to create the best berry cleaning process on the market, making it possible to produce a high-quality, class 1 product that is free from foreign material. By combining the Sortex F PolarVision optical sorter with our other cleaning equipment, we have achieved our goal.

Ulf Hagner, Managing Director, Blåtand AB, Sweden.

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