Total Care - Supporting your business, ​ every step of the way.

You buy more than machinery; you buy a team of support. Total Care gives you the all-in-one maintenance and replacement solution to help you get the most out of your sorter for longer.

How does Total Care safeguard your performance?

With Total Care we help you optimize the productivity and lifetime value of your optical sorter. Whether as an on-site engineer or as a trusted remote consultant, we are available for you when you need us.

From the analysis of the machine’s performance to the monitoring and replacement of parts, we reduce downtime by keeping your sorter in top condition.

Total Care benefits

Supporting your business every step of the way.

Lifetime Extension

Your asset is enhanced to secure a longer productive life


Maintain and monitor the health of your sorter to maximize uptime

Cost Reduction

With more uptime you will ensure higher levels of performance for longer

Total Care



Total Care Protect

Based on an agreed number of annual visits, Bühler engineers will replace key wear parts, provide consultation and advise on future maintenance requirements.

Total Care Perform

Aspiring to keep downtime to the minimum, sorters are safeguarded against component failure. Bühler engineers will ensure first-rate performance once the repair is carried out.

Total Care SafeGuard

Monitor the health of your sorters and predict maintenance through periodic Health Check Reports, alongside live performance dashboards to track sorter efficiency and send alerts when deviations in KPIs are detected.

Total Care PerformPlus

To ensure your sorters are running at peak performance, ejectors are replaced when the stipulated life-cycle is reached. Performance is maintained for the future.

RemoteCare and Assistance

Sorter performance can be viewed remotely by Bühler engineers. Faults can be diagnosed and performance adjusted from any location using a laptop or tablet.

Customer success story

How Bühler’s Total Care reimagines a service partnership with their customers to give peace of mind

Thailand’s leading rice millers, Lorphoonpol, recently activated their Total Care service with Bühler, bringing multiple benefits to their plant. As a service contract, Total Care provides more than just the replacement of parts. The service offers regional on-site engineers, remote consultancy and component lifespan reports, creating a strong working relationship with the customer, something that Lorphoonpol has found valuable in the pursuit of delivering a consistent high-quality product to their customers, lowering the cost of ownership and bringing peace of mind.

A culture of high performance and customer care involves many facets. Enter Total Care, Bühler’s performance assurance. The goal is to be preventative and predictive as well as reactive, achieved by regular plant visits and customer interactions.

As experienced rice millers with a standard for high quality, Lorphoonpol requested support following a recent issue. Bühler’s team, stationed close to Bangkok, was able to quickly provide the necessary support. Due to the quick response, Lorphoonpol was brought back to full production speed with minor downtime.

In addition to machine repairs, Total Care also provides Lorphoonpol with a number of other key benefits. These include:


  • Closer collaboration with Bühler experts.
  • Additional and continuous training for operators.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring, including identifying at an early stage any problems building upstream.
  • Machine fine-tuning for new commodities. 
  • Regular reporting on the lifespan of parts, letting processors know in advance what and when to change, preventing machine wear, and maintaining uptime.
  • In the coming months, the digitalization of Total Care will allow a much more reactive response via online alerts, shown in a real-time dashboard.

With Total Care, Lorphoonpol has a high-performing rice mill assured for future production. They are able to process more rice with less waste, which has improved their profitability and are able to meet the high standards of their customers. 

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