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The screening machine LACB SMA is designed to clean oilseeds such as soybean, sunflower and canola. You can easily and quickly clean the sieves inside the machine. It has a high throughput and can be used for all types of grain.

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Key benefits

High performance for lower cost

The screening machine LACB SMA has a high performance even at high throughputs of 200 t/h for soybeans or 220 t/h for wheat, all at a cost-effective price.

High-quality cleaning of oilseeds and grain

The product stream of the screening machine LACB SMA has been specially designed to clean oilseeds. It offers high-quality cleaning thanks to adjustable aspiration, high screen density, and circular sieve movements.

Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning

You can access the sieves from the front of the machine for maintenance and cleaning. The screening machine also has large product outlets and wide spacing between the sieves. This helps to quickly clean even sticky dust.

Highlight features

Save time

Cleaning and maintenance

You can access the sieves from the front of the machine and take them out through the maintenance flaps. The screening machine LACB SMA also has large outlet channels and larger spaces between the sieve levels, when compared to other sieving machines. This allows you to quickly and easily clean the machine. We have also designed the sieves without any screws, to make them easier to change.

Small footprint

Fit in new or existing plants

Both the sieving machine’s compact design and its small footprint make it easier to fit or retrofit it. This machine is a popular choice for many different types of grain processing plants.


Designed for food safety and a clean plant

The screening machine's enclosed design and a fiber ribbon at the inlet help to keep the product clean and at the same time reduce dust in your processing plant.

The screening machine SMA is exactly what we need: Good cleaning results, easy and fast cleaning after product changes, and overall a good price. So, recently, we’ve just bought another SMA.

Jaroslaw Sapilo, Managing director, GPH Farmer, Poland.

The sieves are mounted on durable metal frames. You can also fit optional wear protection at both the machine's inlet and outlet. This protects stressed areas and helps to reduce noise levels. The machine is sturdy and designed for a long lifetime.

You can vary the airflow in the vertical sifter to separate very light fractions from the product. The inlet aspiration system also improves the quality of cleaning by pre-cleaning the product and preventing the screens from clogging.

The oscillation monitor will shut the machine down if there is a problem.

For hull separation, height-adjustable suction nozzles can be attached to the pre-sieve of the SMA 203-3 (version: OL). In this way, an excellent separation of oil seeds from their hulls is achieved.

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