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The scourer MHXS improves the hygiene of grain during processing by removing impurities such as earth, dust, and sand. It is mainly used in the first and second cleaning sections to treat the surface of wheat, durum and rye.

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Key benefits

Use to process many different types of grain

The scourer can process oats as well as common wheat, durum wheat, and rye. For oats use the rotor and sieve jacket versions of the MHXS.

Excellent scouring effect

The scourer MHXS removes impurities such as dust, sand and soil stuck to grain. You can also add an aspiration channel MVSG or air-recycling aspirator MVSQ at the discharge, to remove detached hull particles and surface contamination.

Food safety

By removing impurities, the MHXS significantly improves product hygiene. It removes and reduces the amount of bacteria and fungus, insects and insect fragments.

Highlight features

Compact design

High throughput in a small space

The scourer is compact and well suited for integration into existing plants. It comes in two sizes with throughputs of 15 to 30 metric tons of wheat per hour.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficience in every step of production

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