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The Priomatik press is the perfect solution for those who value traditional technology in dough preparation. Long retention times in the trough allow for optimal hydration of coarse semolina granules, for an optimal development of the gluten network.

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Key benefits

Retention times finely tuned for perfect hydration and optimal dough development

Customizable retention times in the trough mixer ensure ideal dough quality for all granulation types. The machine also effectively processes finer raw materials such as flour, or materials with a wider particle-size distribution.

Optimally accessible components for cleaning and maintenance

The design of the Priomatik provides for an ideal man-machine interaction and allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Especially suitable for coarse semolina

The Priomatik can process different-sized semolina granules, and is particularly suitable for processing coarse semolina with a long hydration time.

Highlight features

Traditional pasta press technology

Optimal dough development for excellent product quality

Coarse and non-homogeneous semolina granules require more time to absorb the ideal quantity of water. Designed according to traditional pasta technology, the long retention time in the press allows for an optimal dough formation.

Ergonomic, human-centric design

Easy machine interaction

With regard to accessibility for cleaning and maintenance, the system is state-of-the-art, ensuring efficient operation. The main mixing trough, airlock, vacuum trough, and the main screws, motors and gearboxes are all easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance operations.

We chose Priomatik for a correct gluten formation, for the height of the trough and easy cleaning.

Flavio Ferro, Plant Manager

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