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The PowerShot offers high-volume depositing of your solid chocolate, with or without premixed inclusions. As well as top quality, PowerShot brings you high performance across any combination of spot, ribbon, or one-shot depositing.

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Key benefits

Meeting the highest food standards

The machine has been designed according to the latest standards in hygienic design so your production area meets the highest standards and makes cleaning easy and practical.

High-quality depositing tools

The depositing tools are very practical both in terms of their article-specific design and their easy and fast handling during product and chocolate mass change.

Best energy efficiency

The PowerShot is equipped with the latest drive technology to give you excellent energy efficiency. Recycling the intrinsic energy of the servo drive further decreases energy consumption.

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Versatility for your products and your line

The PowerShot is a flexible solution, ideal if you’re changing your products and masses frequently but still want high throughput at maximum availability. It offers spot, ribbon, and one-shot depositing, suitable for everything from the production of drops, bars, and chocolates to tablets and blocks. The system can be integrated into almost any plant, making it ideally suited for existing lines.

Safety first

Protecting your operators

Smart design of the cladding provides maximum safety while offering a good view of the depositing process. When the PowerShot runs in “Offline” mode, you can change tools while the line is still running, speeding up product changes without compromising safety.

Hygienic equipment design

High accessibility to all areas

The machine design provides very good hygiene characteristics. All spots in which chocolate mass could accumulate are clearly visible and easily accessible.

You can modify the PowerShot's parameters to fit your individual product needs. Every machine can be customized so it suits your specific requirements.

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