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With the high-performance cooling die in combination with an extruder, it is now possible to produce wet textured proteins based on soy, pulses, oilseeds and many more raw materials at throughputs of up to 1000 kg/h.

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Key benefits

High performance

The PolyCool 1000 enables the production of products in various shapes and structures while meeting the standards required by industrial-scale production with throughputs of up to 1000 kg of wet textured proteins per hour.

Wide range of production capabilities

The PolyCool cooling die can be easily used for various protein sources such as soy, pulses, oilseeds as well as newer ingredients like microalgae or insects. This offers you the flexibility to achieve fish- or meat-like textures.

Hygienic design maximizes food safety

The hygienic design and excellent accessibility to all of the product contact areas allows fast and easy cleaning between trials for maximizing hygiene standards.

Explore our range of cooling dies

Large-scale production

PolyCool 1000

For the first time, the patented PolyCool 1000 allows a throughput of more than 1000 kg per hour. The individual cooling circuits can be controlled independently. This high-throughput cooling die can withstand pressure of up to 50 bar. It cools the extrudate down from around 150 ºC to below boiling point. The cooling die has an electro-polished surface and meets all hygienic design standards.

Medium-scale production

PolyCool 500

Our high-performance PolyCool 500 matches the standards of medium industry-scale production with the ability to deliver a throughput of about 500 kg/h for different ingredients and novel textures. Through its hygienic wing door design and the excellent accessibility the PolyCool is easy to maintain and operate, and maximizes food safety.

Small-scale production

PolyCool 50

PolyCool 50 is excellent for research purposes and product development with a throughput of 50 kg/h. This level of throughput allows the investigation of different recipes and process parameters without requiring enormous amounts of raw materials. Our cooling die is designed to mimic meaty and fish-like textures.

Protein aeration technology

The next generation of meat substitutes

With protein aeration technology, meat substitutes become more like meat, and the texture can also be adjusted to resemble fish and seafood structures. This is possible by injecting a gas inside the extruder and generating a microporous structure. Brighter color, better mouthfeel and easy texture adjustments are combined with greater volume due to the expansion at the end of the cooling die.

We can develop both sustainable and cost-effective solutions for large-scale protein processors that cover the whole value chain. With this holistic process knowledge, reliable machines and large-scale performance, Bühler can be seen as the market leader from bean to burger.

With the PolyCool 1000, customers can achieve high-capacity production which will bring down costs and make meat substitutes more affordable. As the market shifts towards more plant-based diets, fueled by consumers’ growing interest in health, sustainability and ethical concerns, the PolyCool 1000 supports food producers in seizing this opportunity.

Test new products, shapes, recipes, textures, technologies in one of our Extrusion Application Centers in Uzwil (CH), Changzhou and Wuxi (CN) as well as Minneapolis (USA), or use the opportunities of the facility located at Givaudan Woodlands site (SG). Bühler’s processing expertise combined with Givaudan’s flavor and taste expertise will create a unique offering to those developing new products.

Application possibilities

The Buhler Process

Efficient in every step of production

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