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Protein Innovation Centre, Singapore

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Now fully open. The Innovation Centre is a collaborative project between Bühler and Givaudan. It will welcome food processing companies, start-ups and university researchers looking to develop novel plant-based food products. Bühler’s equipment and processing expertise combined with Givaudan’s flavor, taste, ingredient, and product development expertise will create a unique offering and synergy that will be greatly advantageous to those developing new products, particularly when using wet or dry extrusion.


          "The projected population of 10 billion people by 2050 is a challenge too     big to be solved alone. Companies are increasingly aware of the urgent need  to collaborate to make an impact on the climate and nutrition challenges of this century.  This is what this Innovation Center is all about, and we are pleased we found a like-minded partner to bring this vision to life in Asia, home to half of the world’s population."

Ian Roberts

CTO of Bühler

Our playground for Asia's plant-based food manufacturers

Save the date
The innovation centre is now fully open in 2021
kilograms per hour
Manufacturers can test their plant-based meat recipe at scale on Bühler technology
alternative processes
The innovation centre will support manufacturers to product both dry or wet alt-meat textrudates



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