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Mondomix VL

The Mondomix VL aerator gives you control over aerated masses for cakes, Swiss rolls, marshmallows, chocolates, icing and more in the bakery and confectionery industries.

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Key benefits

Aerating different products

Aerate the product of your choice with the Mondomix VL. Capacity changes can be controlled with the regulating system.

Easy to maintain

All electric components are easily accessible with lockable doors.

Controlled aeration

The stainless steel rotor stator system aerates even the most delicate masses, mixing liquid mass and gas in an even ratio.

Highlight features

High quality results

Evenly aerated products

The heart of our continuous aeration system is its axial mixing head. It consists of a rotor and stator, both fitted with pins. They intermesh when rotating and provide constant shear to the product. This results in better temperature regulation and controllable bubble size distribution.

Precise parameter control

A complex process made simple

To aerate a product, liquid mass and gas are merged at the inlet of the mixing head. They are then mixed under controlled pressure to create a homogenous mass. The variables, such as mixing speed, system pressure, flow rate, liquid and gas ratio and temperature can be adjusted, which makes this aerator versatile and helps achieve a uniform texture and high product quality.

Weld-free execution

We share your eye for detail

Our mixing heads are manufactured using Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), a high precision cutting technique also known as spark erosion. This avoids the presence of welds or solder joints. Our mixing heads have a completely even surface, which makes thorough cleaning easier.

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