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Cable extruder

Mondomix CE

The Mondomix cable extruder continuously extrudes a string of marshmallow mass onto a starch belt. The strings can be rotated to give the final product a twisted appearance.

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Key benefits

Colorful marshmallows

Extruded strings with multiple colors efficiently use raw materials to create a variety of colorful products.

Precise extrusion

All nozzle outlets are equipped with regulating valves for balancing the product flow.

Product variety

The speed of the nozzle rotation can be adjusted to give your products different shapes. The higher the speed, the more dynamic the stripes.

Highlight features

One machine for a range of products

Produces colorful marshmallows

The cable extruder continuously extrudes a string of marshmallow mass. The strings can be left as they are or they can be rotated to give them a twisted appearance.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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