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Modular malting plant


Our standardized modular malting plant has an annual throughput of between 1,000 tons and 17,000 tons of malt. It is suitable for breweries up to 1.1 million hectoliters and distilleries up to 10 million liters.

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Why should you choose RimoMalt?

RimoMalt offers flexibility in production capacity, a more sustainable approach to malt production, full modularity and an individual product range, including barley, wheat, rye and other grains on request. With a short lead time, our support team will work with your contractors to ensure that the plant is installed quickly and efficiently. With RimoMalt you can be sure to get the best solution for your needs.

Key benefits

Extendable to full 24 hour batch cycle

Depending on the number of germination days, RimoMalt can be extended to provide a full 24 hour batch cycle.

Batch sizes from 16 tons up to 56 tons

Starting with a batch size of 16 tons, each process box can be extended via intermediate modules to reach a batch size of 56 tons.

Latest technology provides energy-efficient malting

Equipped with latest mechanical and digital technology, RimoMalt provides an energy-efficient malting process.

For craft maltsters it is important to have a wide variety of raw materials. With the flexibility of RimoMalt you can play with the plant and produce malt just how you need it in the quantity you require. You are independent from any maltster in the world!

Marc Helmers, Product Manager at Bühler Group

It is that easy!

1. Start
Contact us for advice and assistance
At Bühler, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and expert advice. When you contact us about our RimoMalt modular malting plant, you can expect personal guidance from our experienced team. We'll work with you to determine the ideal size and configuration of the plant based on your specific needs and production goals - contact us today to get started!
2. Build
Build your own malt house
With RimoMalt, building your own malting plant has never been easier. Once you've contacted us for expert advice, our team will work with you to design a malting plant that meets your specific requirements. We'll provide you with a detailed proposal and manufacture and install the components at your site to ensure everything runs smoothly.
3. Grow
Scale if you want more
We understand that your business needs may change over time. That's why our modular malting plant is designed to be easily scalable and adaptable to accommodate growth and changing production requirements. With our modular design, you can add or remove components as needed to increase capacity or adjust your process to improve efficiency.

Details about RimoMalt

Three modules

The system has three modules - steeping (SU), heating (HU), and germination-kiln-unit (GKU). Bühler provides everything except the foundation, including solutions for fresh and wastewater. Expansion of the SU and GKU are possible. The SU is enclosed, insulated, and has a side grain elevator. Access is provided by a staircase and door. Bühler guides through installation to ensure smooth execution.

Outdoor installation

The plant is weatherproof and can be operated outdoors, saving additional investment costs for the construction of a building. In addition, the plant can be set up on a green field site, which offers great flexibility in the choice of location.

High energy-efficiency

The plant uses the latest malting technology to reduce energy consumption and achieve maximum efficiency. Various heating system options provide sufficient flexibility, while the cross-flow heat exchanger increases energy efficiency. RimoMalt is also designed to use as little water as possible during the malting process to minimise the environmental impact.

Full flexibility

RimoMalt offers you full flexibility in production and is tailored exactly to your needs. You can have the plant custom designed and built to meet the requirements of your process.


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