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Modular malting plant


Our standardized modular malting plant has an annual throughput of between 1,000 tons and 17,000 tons of malt. It is suitable for breweries up to 1.1 million hectoliters and distilleries up to 10 million liters.

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Key benefits

Extendable to full 24 hour batch cycle

Depending on the number of germination days, RimoMalt can be extended to provide a full 24 hour batch cycle.

Batch sizes from 16 tons up to 56 tons

Starting with a batch size of 16 tons, each process box can be extended via intermediate modules to reach a batch size of 56 tons.

Latest technology provides energy-efficient malting

Equipped with latest mechanical and digital technology, RimoMalt provides an energy-efficient malting process.

Extendable plant

Growing with your demands

RimoMalt can easily be extended and with grow alongside your changing demands, providing batch sizes between 16 and 56 tons. The batch sizes of both the cylindroconical steeps and germination-kilning units are capable of being increased. In addition, it is possible to put several process boxes next to each other to create a full 24 hour batch cycle.

Variety in your production

Full flexibility for your process

The layout of the plant is fully customizable. Designed for malting with numerous units and different batch sizes, RimoMalt is also suited for the production of different types of malt while retaining full flexibility. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the number of process boxes, given the number of germination days, to create a full 24 hour batch cycle.

Outdoor installation


RimoMalt has been designed to be operated outdoors – no need for an additional building. This means that further investment costs for construction work can be kept low. Furthermore, as a greenfield installation, there is increased flexibility in the choice of location.

State-of-the-art design

High energy efficiency

RimoMalt uses the latest malting technology to reduce energy consumption and maximize efficiency. Various options for heating systems provide enough flexibility while cross-flow heat exchanger increase energy efficiency. RimoMalt has also been designed to use as little water during the malting process as possible – the environmental impact is always kept in mind.

Application possibilities

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Efficient in every step of production

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